Here are the wow POWs in Skylanders Monsters

Spyro (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Slammin' The Fire!

While Charging a fireball, press (Attack 2) to slam the fire.

Price: 3000

Trivia: This wow pow is very similar to his Series 2 Wow Pow

Pop Fizz (Series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: 2 Potions?

Pop Fizz can now throw 2 potions, also gets new potions that increases damage

Price: 3000

Trigger Happy (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Becoming a Ninja

Hold (attack 2) to turn the guns into swords. Press (Attack 1) to slash and Press (Attack 3) to turn in stealth mode (unlocks a Golden Ninja outfit).

Price: 3000

Rip Tide (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Whirlpool Blast

Hold (Attack 3) to do the whirlpool attack, dealing the maximum damage, also unlocks new swordfish

Price: 3000

Scorp (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Toxic Wastes

Scorp's sting is now sharper and it is made out of toxic, press (Attack 2) to sting, it leaves a trail of toxic

Price: 3000

Eruptor (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Biggest Blob Ever

Hold (Attack 1) to summon the biggest and most powerful blob ever, also unlocks the aim things on his wrists.

Price: 3000

Sunburn (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Baddest Flame

Hold (Attack 1) longer to make the powerful flamethrower ever. Also unlocks the golden armor.

Price: 3000

Terrafin (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Fist Out!

While burrowing, press (Attack 1) to put Terrafin's fist out of the ground.

Price: 3000

Bumble Blast (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Bee Calls!

Hold (Attack 1) to call a colossal bee that deals damage, also unlocks a bee sign on his bazooka and a new bazooka

Price: 3000

Drobot (series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: Charged Up!

Hold (Attack 1) to unleash a ultimate and biggest laser beam ever!

Price: 3000

Countdown (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Bad Bomb!

While throwing bombs, press (Attack 2) to throw a big bad bomb

Price: 3000

Fryno (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Big Fire Fist

Hold (Attack 1) to make the biggest fire fist pound.

Price: 3000

Dino Rang (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Big Stomp

Hold (Attack 3) to make a big stomp, also unlocks a pair of fingerless gloves.

Price: 3000

Dune Bug (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Sharp Wings

The wings now take damage, unlocks the new wings.

Price: 3000

Punk Shock (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Electric Shield

Hold (Attack 3) to make a electrical shield.

Price: 3000

Sonic Boom (Series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: Infinite Screech

Hold (Attack 1) to screech for a time of infinite, hold it much longer to make it powerful

Price: 3000

Jet Vac (Series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: Unlimited Jet Pack

Jet Vac's jetpack now never runs out. Also unlocks a new jetpack

Price: 3000

Stealth Elf (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Slash Spin

Hold (Attack 1) to spin with the slashes, also unlocks a new slashes that deals maximum damage

Price: 3000

Whirlwind (Series 4)Edit

Wow Pow: Storm on Pose

While Flying, hold (Attack 2) to summon a rainbow tornado

Price: 3000

Zap (Series 3)Edit

Wow Pow: Powered Horn

While riding waves, press (Attack 1) to turn electrical, damaging enemies (unlocks Zap's horns)

Price: 3000

Shroomboom (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Spikes!

You can now shoot spiked mushrooms and now have spikes, the spikes spreads when you get hit or shoot.

Price: 3000

Fright Rider (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Extreme Fast

You can charge much faster, hold (Attack 2) much longer to make it powerful

Price: 3000

Grim Creeper (Series 2)Edit

Wow Pow: Soul Ripper

While in ghost form, press (Attack 3) to turn into a spear to take enemies' damage and steal health. Unlocks a new Reaper.

Price: 3000

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