"Create Gear! Conquer Foes!"

--- games tagline.

Skylanders: Minecraft is the 4th game in the imaginary series. It is considered to be a spinoff of both Skylanders and Minecraft. 

Story SumaryEdit

The wonderful creators of Skylanders and Minecraft have teamed up to make this awesome game. In this game, the Core Skylanders from Skylanders: Glitch Group, Skylanders: Infinity, and Skylanders: Digital Defenders have discovered a blank part off Skylanders. Using the skills they have learned from the Special Skylanders in their games, they can now create endless worlds, build things, create mods and make ways to battle. The game will have 32 Cores from each game, meaning their will 96 Skylanders playable.

Game Features Edit

Game Features Edit

Game FeaturesEdit

The game will have the 3D non-plexy graphics, but it will have the desruction and creatures and weapons of Minecraft. There will also be different types of mods, such as Too Much TNT, Rival Rebels, Extreme Weather, and Explosive. You can build endless worlds, destroy made worlds, add Minecraft creatures, (Mooshrooms, Ghasts, etc.) and you can even make up to 10 new mods for you too play in.

Version DifferencesEdit

The game will come out on the PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, PS3, PS Vita, WII, and WII U.

For the X-Boxes, the PS3's, and the PC, they will be made by Activision. The graphics are more 3D and look like the graphics in Skylanders: Trap Team.

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