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Sky Academy Malefor's Wrath

Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath 2.0 Edit

This is a recreation of Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath. This was also not all completely my ideas so I have to give credit to Chompy_King and devianartist Joltiklover. Enjoy!

- "A new evil rises..." -
-Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath Tagline

Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath 2.0
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Developer(s) Toys For Bob
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) UN: October 19th 2021 | UK: October 23rd 2021
Genre(s) Platforming

Role-playing Action adventure

Mode(s) Single Player


Rating(s) E+10
Platform(s) Xbox One | Xbox One X | PS4 | PS4 Pro | Nintendo Switch | 3DS | IOS |
Media Disc

Switch Cartridge

Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: Imaginators
Successor  ???

Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath is the seventh instalment in the Skylanders series, developed by Toys For Bob and published by Activision. It is the direct sequel to Skylanders: Imaginators, and, with a new game comes a new gimmick, but not with the characters, but with the new Creator mode. It is to be released in the United States on October 19th and in the United Kingdom on October 23rd 2021.

Story Summary Edit

Not so long ago, the evil Dragon King Malefor rose and wrecked havoc across Skylands, spreading darkness and fear wherever he went. However, the Skylanders, all working together to defeat this powerful force, were there to stop him. After a long and epic battle with lots of struggles, the mighty heroes triumphed, managing to save Skylands yet again and defeat Malefor once and for all - or so it seemed. Now, Kaos has escaped his containment from Skylanders Academy, and, in an attempt to get his revenge, has freed Malefor once again. The two evils have teamed up, and are scheming to bring Skylands to its knees. However, there is hope. New Skylanders have risen, and, with the help of the Portal Masters, they will be able to defeat these evils, gather the energy orbs before it is too late and save Skylands from peril once again.

Gameplay Edit

More Play Options Edit

As well as a longer Story Mode adventure, there are also additional Bonus Missions to be completed, adding to the replay value of the game and giving the player more to do. There is also the new Creator Mode. It allows you to create your levels to share and play with friends in online multiplayer or co-op mode. Also a new ranking system lets you know who's the best at Racing Mode, Arena Mode and Battle Mode which also return.

All New Characters Edit

There are 40 new Skylanders in the game, 2 of which are Guest Stars.

New Adventure Edit

A brand new adventure awaits players. The story mode is longer with more levels, allowing for more exploration and gameplay value.

Old Gimmicks Edit

Old gimmicks from the previous games come back, so you can pick up and play with an old character, you could be smashing traptanium, venturing into swap-gates, hopping into a sweet ride, hitting sensei gongs or throwing boulders with the big guys.

Portal Creators Edit

Portal Creators is a new mode where you can make and play your own level using decoration and enemies from all the Skylanders games. You can share these levels and play others peoples levels too! You can create and trigger cutscenes to give you level(s) a story. Simple code is used to make your perfect level. (This is a new multiplayer feature).

NPCs/Storytellers Edit

Levels Edit

Bringing a new longer campaign with 2 parts and chapters! Including Side Levels makes it a massive 80 chapters long!

This Section Is Subject To Change

Part 1: Banding Together Edit

Ruins Of Skylands Edit

  • Chapter 1: Captured By Kaos
  • Chapter 2: Takeout Breakout
  • Chapter 3: Belly Of The Beast
  • Chapter 4: Rolling Out

Skylander Academy Edit

  • Chapter 5: Reunited

The Genie's Lamp Edit

  • Chapter 6: Wishing Willows
  • Chapter 7: Wish Library
  • Chapter 8: Bangling Bazaar
  • Chapter 9: Garden Of Wishes
  • Chapter 10: Last Wish

Coldwind Peak Edit

  • Chapter 11: Breaking The Ice
  • Chapter 12: Mellow Bellows
  • Chapter 13: Puff Peaks
  • Chapter 14: Smore Summit

Highland Of Mirrors Edit

  • Chapter 15: A Bad Reflection
  • Chapter 16: attack by oryps
  • Chapter 17: nifarretued
  • Chapter 18: bam slamed
  • Chapter 19: xehd out

Eternal Archives Edit

  • Chapter 20: Ink Sewers
  • Chapter 21: Lost Property
  • Chapter 22: Book of the Dead

Mystical Grove Edit

  • Chapter 23: Green Thumbs
  • Chapter 24: Tree Huggers
  • Chapter 25: Shamble Shoots
  • Chapter 26: Cascade Canopy
  • Chapter 27: Eon's Return

Part 2: Kaos, Kaos and more Kaos Edit

Tropical TerrorEdit

  • Chapter 28: Going Bananas
  • Chapter 29: Peeling Paradise
  • Chapter 30: Fixer Upper
  • Chapter 31: Monkey Business

Temple Of The Ancients Edit

  • Chapter 36: Spindling Spires
  • Chapter 37: Ancient Reboot
  • Chapter 38: Cog Conundrums
  • Chapter 39: Knowledge Of 1000 Minds

Win, Lose Or Spellslamzer Edit

  • Chapter 40: Brawl To The Wall
  • Chapter 41: Spellpunking

Troll Laboratory Edit

  • Chapter 42: Breaking An Entrance
  • Chapter 43: Troll Inc
  • Chapter 44: Conveying A Message
  • Chapter 45: Ultra Dragon Wings

Dragon Lands Edit

  • Chapter 46: Winged Withers
  • Chapter 47: Clawed Cliffs
  • Chapter 48: Dragon's Peak

Part 3: Bringing Order To Kaos Edit

Grill-X's Big BBQ Edit

  • Chapter 49: Boiling Point
  • Chapter 50: Fahrenheit Hights
  • Chapter 51: The Main Course
  • Chapter 52: Dessert Dispute
  • Chapter 53: The Big Grill

Cloudcracker Prison Edit

  • Chapter 54: Cloudbreakers
  • Chapter 55: Locks, Locks And More Locks
  • Chapter 56: Jailbirds
  • Chapter 57: The Breakout

The Rat Den Edit

  • Chapter 58: Hamster House
  • Chapter 59: Nut Factory
  • Chapter 60: Revenge Of The Rats

Isle of Eyes Edit

  • Chapter 61: All Eyes On You
  • Chapter 62: Optical Orders
  • Chapter 63: An Eye For An Eye
  • Chapter 64: Lens of truth

Sky Chains Edit

  • Chapter 65: Temple Of The Farviewer
  • Chapter 66: Farviewer Falls
  • Chapter 67: Rumble And Crumble
  • Chapter 68: A Sight To Behold

Part 4: Malefor's Wrath Edit

The Badlands Edit

  • Chapter 69: No Man's Land
  • Chapter 70: Corrupted Court
  • Chapter 71: The Dark Ascension
  • Chapter 72: Utter Kaos

Kaos' Lair Edit

  • Chapter 73: Kaos' Kastle
  • Chapter 74: Kaos And Discord

Malefor's Stronghold Edit

  • Chapter 75: ripto ut of here
  • Chapter 76: Grumpshanks
  • Chapter 77: baaaaaaaaaa d time
  • Chapter 78: on the malefor
  • Chapter 79: underworld

The Showdown Edit

  • Chapter 80: The Super-Mega-Ultra-Awesome-Showdown

Side Levels Edit

There are 5 side levels that appear inbetween the main story. They add extra explorability to the main game.

Bandit Heist Edit

  • Chapter 81: Blind Burrows
  • Chapter 82: Busting the case
  • Chapter 82: Caught blue-handed

Motley Mayhem Edit

  • Chapter 83: A Step Ahead
  • Chapter 84: Sinking Feeling
  • Chapter 85: Baron Von Shellshocked

Sheep Sleep Dreams Edit

  • Chapter 86: Wooly Way
  • Chapter 87: Nightmare Fuel
  • Chapter 88: Dream A Little Nightmare

Ridepocalypse Derby Edit

  • Chapter 89: Round 1
  • Chapter 90: Rocket Rally
  • Chapter 91: The Belly Of The Beast

The Singing Forest Edit

  • Chapter 92: Gauntlet Glades
  • Chapter 93: Chomp Chambers
  • Chapter 94: The Noted Ones

The Misty Bog Edit

  • Chapter 95: Drained Ducts
  • Chapter 96: Misty Marsh
  • Chapter 97: Forgotten Fountains

The Abandoned Factory Edit

  • Chapter 98: Goo Pursuit
  • Chapter 99: Meltdown Mayhem
  • Chapter 100: Scrapped Metal

Skylanders Edit

Fire Edit

Water Edit

Life Edit

Air Edit

Earth Edit

Undead Edit

Tech Edit

Magic Edit

Light Edit

Dark Edit

Villains Edit

Fire Edit

Chef Pepper Jack (Wave 1)

Grinnade (Wave 4)

Water Edit

Gulper (Wave 1)

Chill Bill (Wave 2)

Life Edit

Chompy Mage (Original Version) (Wave 1)

Brocoli Guy (Wave 3)

Air Edit

Dreamcatcher (Wave 2 - Single | Wave 4 - Adventure Pack)

Bad Juju (Wave 3)

Earth Edit

Golden Queen (Wave 2)

Grave Clobber (Wave 4)

Tech Edit

Dr Krankcase (Wave 3)

Bruiser Cruiser (Wave 1)

Undead Edit

Wolfgang (Wave 1)

Hood Sickle (Wave 2)

Magic Edit

Mesmeralda (Wave 3)

Pain Yatta (Wave 4)

Dark Edit

Nightshade (Wave 4)

Tae Kwon Crow (Wave 1)

Light Edit

Luminous (Wave 3)

Blaster Tron (Wave 5)

Minis Edit

Fire Edit

Water Edit

Life Edit

Air Edit

Earth Edit

Tech Edit

Undead Edit

Magic Edit

Dark Edit

Light Edit

Eon's Elite Edit

  • Eon's Elite Pop Fizz
  • Eon's Elite Drobot
  • Eon's Elite Eruptor
  • Eon's Elite Double Trouble
  • Eon's Elite Wham Shell
  • Eon's Elite Hex
  • Eon's Elite Shroom Boom
  • Eon's Elite Warnado

Variants Edit

Returning Variants Edit

Starter Packs Edit

Standard Edition Starter Pack (PS4 / XBOX ONE / NINTENDO SWITCH) £44.99 Edit

Ash - Krayken - Chompy Mage - Portal Of Power - Character Roster - Game

Dark Edition Starter Pack (PS4 / XBOX ONE / NINTENDO SWITCH) £69.99 Edit

Dark Krayken - Dark Aftershock - Dark Finbad - Dark Chef Pepper Jack - Dark Gulper - Character Roster - Portal Of Power - Game

3DS Edition Starter Pack (3DS) £34.99 Edit

Aftershock - Mesmerelda - Portal of Power - Character Roster - Game

IOS Edition Starter Pack (IOS) £29.99 Edit

Aftershock - Mesmerelda - Character Roster - Game - Phone Stand - Portal of Power

Limited Edition Starter Pack (PS4 / XBOX ONE / NINTENDO SWITCH / 3DS) £89.99 Edit

Krayken - Ash - Chompy Mage - Darkness Rises Adventure Pack - Collector's Items - Malefor 6-Inch Figurine -Spyro Remade Classic Comic - Malefor Vs Spyro Poster - Portal of Power - Character Roster - Game

E3 Special Edition Starter Pack (PS4 / XBOX ONE / NINTENDO SWITCH) £44.99 Edit

E3 Special Edition Krayken - E3 Special Edition Ash - E3 Special Edition Chompy Mage - Portal Of Power - Character Roster

Crystal Clear Edition Starter Pack (PS4 / XBOX ONE / NINTENDO SWITCH) £44.99 Edit

Crystal Clear Krayken - Crystal Clear Ash - Crystal Clear Chompy Mage - Crystal Clear Portal Of Power - Character Roster

Adventure Packs Edit

Volcanic Vault Edit

  • Chapter 101: Smokey Springs
  • Chapter 102: Mount Magma
  • Chapter 103: Too Hot To Handle
  • Chapter 104: Billowing Peak

Contents Edit

Set Piece - Pyro Smash - Magma Mortar

Elder Fish Sanctuary Edit

  • Chapter 105: A Whale Of A Time
  • Chapter 106: Slithering Sanctum
  • Chapter 107: Eelectric Outpost
  • Chapter 108: What A Shocker

Contents Edit

Set Piece - Samuray - Eelectric Shock

The Afterparty Edit

  • Chapter 109: Party Crashers
  • Chapter 110: Confetti Junction
  • Chapter 111: Perilous Parade
  • Chapter 112: Heads Are Rolling

Contents Edit

Set Piece - Ectoblast - Ghost Cage

Phantom Tides Rising Edit

  • Chapter 113: Barreled Out
  • Chapter 114: Haunted Decks
  • Chapter 115: Cannon Fodder
  • Chapter 116: Sinking Feeling

Contents Edit

Set Piece - Dreamcatcher - Kraken’s Wrath

Magic Items Edit

New Magic Items Edit

Waves Edit

Wave E3 - E3 2021 Edit

  • E3 Special Edition Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • E3 Special Edition Krayken (Variant)
  • E3 Special Editon Ash (Variant)
  • E3 Special Edition Chompy Mage (Variant)

Wave 1 - October 19th 2021 | October 23rd 2021 Edit

  • Standard Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • Dark Edition Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • Limited Edition Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • Krayken (Skylander)
  • Ash (Skylander)
  • Chompy Mage (Villain)
  • Gulper (Villain)
  • Rock On Wolfgang (Villain)
  • Spellephant (Skylander)
  • Aftershock (Skylander)
  • Bad Breath (Skylander)
  • Grave Danger (Skylander)
  • Finbad (Skylander)
  • Pop Fizzle (Minis)
  • Low Four (Minis)
  • Prism Shake (Minis)
  • Megawatt (Minis)
  • TBA (Minis)
  • Dark Krayken (Variant)
  • Dark Aftershock (Variant)
  • Dark Finbad (Variant)
  • Dark Chef Pepper Jack (Variant)
  • Dark Gulper (Variant)
  • Legendary Lockjaw (Variant)
  • Legendary Ash (Variant)
  • Legendary Mesmerelda (Variant)
  • Legendary Eye-Patch (Variant)
  • Legendary Dreamcatcher (Variant)

Wave 2 - October 27th 2021 Edit

  • 3DS Edition Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • IOS Edition Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
  • Stormblast (Skylander)
  • Samuray - Single (Skylander)
  • Sharpshot (Skylander)
  • Voltemper (Skylander)
  • Moonstrike (Skylander)
  • Blasteroid (Skylander)
  • Doomwish (Skylander)
  • Dreamcatcher - Single (Villain)
  • Jeweled Golden Queen (Villain)
  • Flare Pup (Minis)
  • Juju Jr (Minis)
  • Wrecking Small (Minis)
  • Krypt Kid (Minis)
  • Wind-Down (Minis)
  • Pumpkin Bubble Trouble (Variant)
  • Sheep Mage (Chompy Mage) (Variant)
  • Mystical Enchantis (Variant)
  • Enchanted Spellephant (Variant)
  • Scarlett Doomwish (Variant)
  • Eon's Elite Pop Fizz (Eon's Elite)
  • Eon's Elite Drobot (Eon's Elite)

Wave 3 - November 5th 2021 Edit

  • Pyro Smash (Skylander)
  • Enchantis (Skylander)
  • Armourdillo (Skylander)
  • Bomb Pom (Skylander)
  • Pop-Hat (Skylander)
  • Cataclysm (Skylander)
  • Buzz Saw (Skylander)
  • Luminous (Villain)
  • Mesmerelda (Villain)
  • Goo Glob Krankcase (Villain)
  • Mite Mare (Minis)
  • Snack Fight (Minis)
  • Zip (Minis)
  • Kid-Boom (Minis)
  • Aftershake (Minis)
  • See-Saw (Minis)
  • Power Blue Pop-Hat (Variant)
  • Steel Plated Blasteroid (Variant)
  • Volcanic Vault (Adventure Pack)
  • Elder Fish Sanctuary (Adventure Pack)
  • Eon's Elite Eruptor (Eon's Elite)
  • Eon's Elite Double Trouble (Eon's Elite)

Wave 4 - 13th November 2021 Edit

  • Crossfire (Skylander)
  • Gigawatt (Skylander)
  • Lockjaw (Skylander)
  • Ectoblast (Skylander)
  • TBA (Skylander)
  • Nightshade (Villain)
  • Brave Danger (Minis)
  • Spotlittle (Minis)
  • Nitro Crossfire (Variant)
  • The Afterparty (Adventure Pack)
  • Phantom Tides Rising (Adventure Pack)
  • Eon's Elite Wham Shell (Eon's Elite)
  • Eon's Elite Hex (Eon's Elite)
  • Eon's Elite Shroom Boom (Eon's Elite)
  • Eon's Elite Warnado (Eon's Elite)

Wave 5/6/7 1st December 2021 / 1st January 2022 / 7th April 2022 Edit

  • Snow Bright Luminous (Variant)
  • Jolly Doomwish (Variant)
  • New Year's Countdown (Variant)
  • Eggcellent Pop-Hat (Variant)


Race Tracks Edit

There are 21 old race tracks returning to this game

Land Edit

Sea Edit

Sky Edit

New Tracks Edit

There are 12 new race tracks and a special 3 in 1 race!

Land Edit

Sea Edit

Sky Edit

Tri-Race Edit

Battle Arenas Edit

Classic Arena Edit

New Arenas Edit

Bonus Missions Edit

  • Revenge Of The Rats
  • Work, Water Works!
  • Midnight Snack
  • Let Them Eat Cake
  • Off The Rails
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Trolls
  • Chompy Be Gone
  • Gone Fishing
  • The Garden Games
  • For The Greater Gold
  • Get Your Goats
  • Eggcellent Quest
  • Dungeon Of Doom
  • The Great Dragon Wing Race
  • Food Fiasco
  • Gem Hunt
  • Watch & Burn
  • Space Invaders
  • Buzz Off

Trivia Edit

  • Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath (2.0) is a remake of Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath, but in the final product it shall be called Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath.
  • The base for the figures is purple.

Credits Edit

  • MangoBread (Creator / Editor)
  • Captainfishlip (Mini Creator)
  • JoltikLover (Character Artist)
  • Chompy_King (Original Developer)
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