Skylanders: Hybrids is the fan-made fourth installment in the Skylanders franchise, the sequel to Skylanders: Swap Force.


The game takes place at the Soulstorm Isles, the southern section of the Skylands. Kaos and his army go to steal a special artifact that can reflect one's power called the Soul Mirror, which he plans to use to prove that he can rule Skylands. The Skylanders of Soulstorm Isles tried to defnd the artifact, but one of Kaos's attacks hits the mirror, causing to shatter. The force and magic of the powerful item flung the Skylanders to Earth but did something else, too. The mirror's magic mixed the Skylanders' elements with one another, making them bear two elements instead of one, creating the Hybrid Skylanders. With help from the Portal Masters, the Skylanders must find the fragments of the mirror before Kaos.



New SkylandersEdit

The manager has confirmed that there will be 57 Hybrid characters, as well as new core characters, Lightcores and Legendaries. The total of new characters is however unknown to the public.

Debutting CharactersEdit

Hybrid SkylandersEdit

More to be added...

Core SkylandersEdit

More is to be added...


It has been confirmed that Coal Stripe and Cool Cat are sisters.

Medusa is also a monster in Greek Mythology.

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