Skylanders: Heroes Unite Edit

Created By: ShadowCraft

Skylanders: Heroes Unite is a fan-made game made by me. It's the fifth installment of the Skylanders series. The game is after Skylanders: trap team. This game will be in these following consoles: Wii, Wii U, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. It will be released in october 21 2015.


Kaos has unleashed an ancient evil army to destroy all of the Skylanders and take over Skylands. Eon knew the Skylanders were going to be outnumbered, so he asked every hero he could find in Skylands. Fortunately, they all agreed to help save Skylands. From that day on, all of them became one of the Skylanders! After Eon found the newly recruited Skylanders, he heard rumors that the Ancient Skylanders have returned! The Ancient Skylanders was way before the Giants became Skylanders. Eon then went to every single island in Skylands. The Ancient Skylanders were found one by one. They all agreed to help Eon save Skylands. He was glad that they returned as he needed more help. On that day, all of the Skylanders united to stop the ancient evil army and Kaos!

New FeaturesEdit

There will be 24 Skylanders from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, 8 Skylanders and 8 Giants from Skylanders: Giants, 8 Skylanders and 8 Swap Force Skylanders from Skylanders: Swap Force, 8 new Skylanders and 8 new Ancient Hero Skylanders from the all new Skylanders: Heroes Unite, and 8 lightcore Skylanders. There will be new Adventure Packs and Battle Packs. Players up to four can now play. There will be new hats as well.

Returning SkylandersEdit

Magic: Fire Blast Spyro, Spell Caster Double Trouble, Twin Axe Voodood, Mad Scientist Pop Fizz, Moonblast Star Strike

Earth: Wrecking Ball Bash, Mega Laser Prism Break, Rapid Punch Terrafin, Crystal Needle Flashwing, Poison Jab Scorp

Water: Surfer Slam Bam, High Voltage Zap, Aqua Jet Gill Grunt, Icy Cold Chill, Musketeer Rip Tide

Fire: King's Sword Ignitor, Flamethrower Sunburn, Blazing Trail Flameslinger, Flaming Meteor Hot dog, Scorching Smolderdash

Tech: Elite Drill Sergeant, Chainsaw disc Drobot, Rapid Fire trigger Happy, Explosive Sprocket, Nuclear Countdown

Undead: Thunder Bolt Cynder, Ancient Blade Chop Chop, Soul Eater Ghost Roaster, Eerie Dash Fright Rider, Metal Claw Roller Brawler

Air: Hurricane Warnado, Ultra Sonic Boom, Thunder Cloud Lightning Rod, Twister Jet-Vac, Cyclone Scratch

Life: Spiked Hammer Stump Smash, Bazooka Zook, Assassin Stealth Elf, Slingshot Shroom Boom, Father Nature Zoo Lou

Giants: Teleportation Ninjini(Magic), Granite Armor Crusher(Earth), Mega Chomp Thumpback(Water), Motorcyclist Hothead(Fire), Rocket Launcher Bouncer(Tech), Supreme Beam Eye-Brawl(Undead), Stinger Swarm(Air), Forest Dash Tree Rex(Life)

Swap Force: Stealth Trap Shadow(Magic), Gladiator Doom Stone(Earth), Captain Wash Buckler(Water), Blazing Rocket Blast Zone(Fire), Electro Dash Magna Charge(Tech), Cowboy Rattle Shake(Undead), Hurricane Blade Free Ranger(Air), Ninja Stink Bomb(Life)

New Skylanders:Edit

Magic: Psycho Catchphrase: I'm gonna give you a spoonful of my power!

Earth: Bulldoze Catchphrase: Earth smash!

Water: Whirlpool Catchphrase: Surfs up!

Fire: Inferno Catchphrase: Can't handle the heat? Get out of my kitchen!

Tech: Techno Catchphrase: You got screwed!

Undead: Moonlight Catchphrase: What's the matter? Cat caught your tongue?

Air: Cyclostrike Catchphrase: I got an eye of an eagle!

Life: Season Catchphrase: I have the power of all four seasons!

Ancient Skylanders: Galaxor(Magic) Catchphrase: Warrior of the galaxies!, Fissure(Earth) Catchphrase: Under construction., Tsunami(Water) Catchphrase: Look out! Tidal wave!, Blaze(Fire) Catchphrase: Never play with fire!, Hard Rock(Tech) Catchphrase: Let's make some music!, Dusk(Undead) Catchphrase: Trick or threat!, Buzz(Air) Catchphrase: None of your bees wax!, Ivy(Life) Catchphrase: Queen of the forest!

Lightcore Skylanders Edit

Magic: Fire Blast Spyro

Earth: Rapid Punch Terrafin

Water: Musketeer Rip Tide

Fire: Fire Meteor Hot Dog

Tech: Explosive Sprocket

Undead: Moonlight

Air: Cyclone Scratch

Life: Season

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