Skylanders: Golden Team
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Developer(s) Toys for Bob
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) October 16, 2021 (NA)
October 14, 2021 (EU)
October 13, 2021 (AUS)
October 18, 2021 (JP)
Genre(s) Action-adventure, platform
Mode(s) Story mode, battle mode, challenge mode, racing mode
Rating(s) E10+
Platform(s) 9th generation platforms, Nintendo Super DS, every notable tablet/smartphone at the time
Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: Flip Force
Successor Skylanders: Imaginators

Skylanders: Golden Team is a Skylanders game made in 2021, and it is made for the 10th anniversary of Skylanders. As an anniversary game, it contains more figures than any Skylanders game ever before.

Story Edit

While it was known that the destruction of the Core of Light banished the Light and Dark elements from Skylands, not many people knew that the Light and Dark realms were just small parts of another dimension, which contained six other elements which were banished from Skylands during a previous explosion. On the tenth anniversary of the day when Kaos destroyed the Core of Light, a huge portal opened, giving the Skylanders full access to the other dimension.

Introduced characters Edit

Each new element has Edit

  • 17 Cores
  • 1 Giant
  • 2 Swap Force characters
  • 2 Trap Masters
  • 2 Minis
  • 1 SuperCharger
  • 2 FLIP Force Skylanders

The Light and Dark elements have (each) Edit

  • 7 new Cores
  • 1 new Mini
  • 1 Giant
  • 1 reposed Core

The other elements have (each) Edit

  • 1 reposed Core

Packs and Waves Edit

Golden Team waves will continue until 2023. The Starter Pack will have 6 Skylanders instead of the typical 3.

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