Skylanders: Evolution is an upcoming mobile game being developed by Vicarious Visions and will serve as a prequel to Skylanders: Dimensions. In this game the Skylanders have to protect Skylands from a new team of villains: the Antilanders. The game will be available for Apple and Android devices and is scheduled for a spring-2015 release.

Starter Pack

The mobile starter pack comes with the following Skylanders: Tik-Tok Countdown, LightCore Burn, and Deep Sea Wham-Shell (an exclusive character) and the new Bluetooth Portal of Power.

NOTE: The mobile starter pack is not required to play the game since players can download the game's app without the use of buying the starter pack. However, buying the starter pack does make it does make it easier to switch between Skylanders and magic items.

Skylanders Evolution Logo

Official Logo


Coming Soon!


The game will have similar gameplay to Skylanders: Battlerounds so it will involve a lot of touch-screen action. However, players now have the ability to control how their Skylanders fight and move them around the environments much easier. Unlike Battlegrounds, players can only control one Skylander at a time and the game is an action-platformer like the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure.


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