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Chapter One: Universe RebuiltEdit

4:46 AM

Sunburn ran through Volcano Island, keeping his eyes on Vecoline as he followed the bald eagle all the way through the lava city. Ever since the Skylanders' last adventure where it turned out that Vecoline had turned against them, Sunburn has been keeping an eye out on Vec for weeks.

Vecoline made his way through the city and walked towards his volcano home. Sunburn slowly followed, and made sure that Vec wouldn't notice him. When Vec went inside the volcano, Sunburn took flight and flew to the very top of the volcano. He perched on the edge of it, looking into the volcano. He could see a large volcano pool, Sunburn stuck his head in the hole and looked to the side. He saw that on the side of the volcano's walls was a large balcony. He caught sight of Vec's nest made of coal and burnt leaves. Next to it, was a Portal of Power.

Vecoline flew over to the balcony. He held a coal in his mouth. Vec put the coal down on the nest and pushed it around with his talons. Vec then turned and smirked, before walking towards the portal, in which he jumped on it and disappeared. Sunburn flew down the volcano and to the portal. Something was fishy about it, he could smell it. Sunburn stuck one of his talons into the portal, and soon he went into the portal and disapeared. Sunburn then appeared on a small floating island, he got up and looked around, and realized that he was in space. Sunburn looked and saw a huge area full of many different planets. In the middle of the planets, was a giant purple colored-star shaped planet, which wasn't really a planet, it was made of metal. Sunburn gasped.

"I need to see the others!"

Sunburn turned and saw that at the edge of the island was another Portal of Power. Sunburn stepped into the portal and was teleported back to the volcano. Sunburn flew up out of the volcano and towards Willow Woods.

Drago lay on in his sleeping bag. He turned around and saw Ridley and the Ultimate Chimera, fast alseep, along with Portal Master Claus, who was snoring loudly. Drago sat up and put earplugs in his ears, before laying back down. Drago then was fast asleep, before being woken up again by a loud "THUMP!".

Drago sat up as quickly as he could. He looked and saw that Ridley and the UC were still fast asleep, but Claus wasn't in his sleeping bag.

"He probably got up to get a glass of water." Drago thought.

But just to make sure, Drago got up from his sleeping bag and walked through his treehouse, and saw that the window was wide open. Drago peered out the window and saw a bird-like figure clutching the sleeping Claus in it's talons. The creature turned it's head and looked at Drago in the eyes, the two moon's moonlight shone brightly on its sinister yellow eyes, before turning back and flying from the forest. Drago gasped.

"Ridley, UC, wake up!"

Ridley groaned and rolled over. The UC simply snored louder.

"Guys, wake up!"

By the time Ridley's eye opened, the bird creature was already gone.

"Drago, what is it?"

Ridley groaned and looked at Drago.

"Rids, some creature came and took Claus!"

Ridley rolled over before yawning.

"That's nice, tell me more in the morning."

Drago was becoming more frustrated by the second. He gave up and flew out the window, in search of the bird creature.

5:00 AM

In Willow Woods, Tails was standing at Spyro's door, knocking furiously. Inside, extremely loud music could be heard. Spyro was jumping up and down in circles as his radio blared so loud, the house was shaking, and books where falling off the shelves. Spyro happily sung and didn't even care that his house was shaking. Spyro had a sore throat from singing, or screaming-singing, all night.


Tails was at this point banging on the door with his shoe.

"So much for Spyro being the quiet and peaceful dragon!"

Tails eventually was able to break the door down and walk inside. He walked over and shut off the radio. Spyro froze in midair and dropped to the ground.

"Hey that was my song!"

Tails was enraged at this point.

"Spyro! What the phazon are you doing!? It's 5 in the morning! Now's not the time to be blaring that garbage!"

Spyro snorted.

"I'm just giving Rayman a taste of his own medicine, since he always keeps me up all night with his garbage music!"

Tails rolled his eyes.

"Just because someone else does it doesn't make it okay!"

Sunburn then flew down from the trees, and and landed inside Spyro's house, pushing Tails out of the way.

"Spyro, I have horrible news!"

Spyro walked over to Sunburn.

"What is it?"

Sunburn sat on the couch before taking a long sigh.

"I was spying on Vecoline, and I saw that in his volcano, near his nest, there's a Portal of Power. I saw him go in it, and I went into the portal after him, and I saw that it led to space, in a strange area full of planets. The planets were orbiting around a large purple star-shaped spaceship! Spyro, do you know what this means!?"

Spyro was confused.

"What does it mean?"

Sunburn got up and looked through Spyro's bookshelves, before pulling out a large book with his beak. It was a book entitled Rumors of Skylands. Sunburn opened the book and flicked through the pages, before stopping on a page entitled "Leader Vec Universe." Sunburn showed the book page to Spyro.

"The Leader Vec Universe rumor is a rumor about the Skylander Vecoline, in which it was rumored that Vecoline has his very own universe, with a large star-shaped metal planet with other planets orbiting around it. The rumor hasn't been proven." the book read.

"Spyro, the rumor is true! And I think it might have something to do with Vec being allied with Porky and Malefor!"

Spyro was shocked, he didn't know what to say.

"I say we check out this universe for ourselves."

Sunburn gasped before laughing.

"Wow, Spyro actually wanting to come out of his house for once? Impossible."

Spyro growled.

"I DO come out of the house."

Sunburn laughed again, and so did Tails. Spyro growled and put his books back on their shelves.

"Alright, let's head to Volcano Island, but first, I need to stop by the store for some sore throat drops."

Spyro gathered up his seven friends, and headed towards Volcano Island. When they made it, Sunburn led the way to Vec's volcano. Sunburn flew up to the top of the volcano, and flew in. He looked through every room, and saw that neither Vecoline or Magiciano were home. Sunburn flew down to the living room, and opened the door for his seven friends.

Flashwing admired the shiny rubies embedded in the walls on the volcano's interior.

"Wow, Vec has a lot of rubies!"

Sunburn led his friends up the stairs, and showed them the way to Vec's bedroom, who all saw the balcony sticking out of the wall the portal was located on. Spyro walked towards his friends and lifted his paw, which glowed a yellow aura. Spyro teleported his friends to the balcony, before flying to the balcony himself. Sunburn walked over to the portal, which still glowed a dark purple. He walked into it, and disappeared. His friends followed.

The seven Skylanders appeared on the same island Sunburn appeared on earlier. Spyro's jaw dropped.

"Holy were right."

Spyro then noticed many other floating islands near the one he was standing on. Spyro hopped over to the island, and his friends followed. The island was connected to a large metal bridge leading to the star-shaped planet. Ridley was in a daze.

"Wow, I missed space so much! I wonder if there's any other Space Pirates who live around here!"

Spyro rolled his eyes at him. The seven Skylanders then dashed across the bridge towards the planet. At the planet, there was a small door which could be opened by the press of a button.

Spyro pressed the button, and the door opened. As the seven Skylanders walked in, they saw a huge area full of Vecoline clones. Vec clones were running and flying across the area, and there were many swimming pools all around the area. Vec clones were floating in the water and giving themselves baths.

Then, a voice screeched.


The Vecoline clones all screeched at the same time. The seven Skylanders made a run for it into another room. Soon, Vecoline himself appeared into the room, wanting to know what the noise was.

"Vecoline clones, calm down please."

One Vec clone ran towards him.

"Lord Vecoline, we saw trespassers! We don't know where they went!"

Vec snorted.

"I'll send the Pigmask guards to look around the ship. Quiet down now."

Vec then turned and walked up the stairs into another room. Spyro and his friends watched from the door of another room. Spyro gasped.

"Pigmask guards? What are those?"

Tails flipped through a book that he had taken with him from Spyro's house.

"Not sure, but it sounds fishy. Let's look around the other rooms, we have to gather as much info as possible."

Chapter Two: Army RebuiltEdit

Drago had followed the bird creature all the way to Volcano Island, before getting lost and losing track of it. Drago hovered above the smoke-filled clouds of Volcano Island, searching for any sign of the bird. Drago sighed.

"This is no use."

Drago landed on the ground and folded his wings against his body.

"I hope the others aren't worried about me."

By Vecoline's volcano, someone was looking for Claus as well.

"Ugh, Claus, why must you go missing?"

Rayman walked into Vec's volcano, which was still empty.

"Who leaves their front door wide open when they're not home?"

Drago then flew down to Vec's volcano and caught sight of Rayman. Drago walked in.

"Hey, um, have you seen Claus, by any chance?"

Rayman coughed a puff of smoke.

"Actually, I was about to ask the same question. I thought that Vecoline might had something to do with it, so I came here."

Rayman then turned and walked up the stairs to Vec's bedroom. Drago followed.

"D-do you need any help?"

"I work alone thank you very much. You should go home."

Drago felt offended.

"You're not very nice."

Rayman rolled his eyes and jumped towards the balcony Vec's nest was on.

"I'm Rayman, I'm not supposed to be nice."

Rayman then jumped onto the portal and disappeared. Drago sighed.

"I hope Claus is alright."

The seven Skylanders found their way to a small volcano and lava filled area, like Volcano Island. Vecoline stood on top of a rocky cliff, while thousands of Pigmask Army members stood below the cliff. Vecoline screeched at them.

"Tonight is the last night of training! Tomorrow we will head towards Volcano Island and take it over! I will become the king of Volcano Island, and I will retrieve the fame I deserve! Claud doesn't stand a chance."

Vecoline then spread his fiery wings, with the light of the two moons making the fire glow brighter.

"And don't forget about the Claus clones I've been making, but I promise I won't make them outnumber all you guys. Claus himself is locked in a capsule in my secret base, no one will find him there." 

The seven Skylanders all gasped at once. Spyro couldn't believe it.

"How is this possible? Vecoline is our friend! And what are the Claus clones?"

Ridley couldn't believe it.

"He's making clones of Claus to be a part of the army I think! He knows that Claus was once a part of the Pigmask Army, when Porky ruled it. And if Claus is stuck in a capsule, then that's why he wasn't at Drago's treehouse when I woke up! I hope Drago's okay."

Rayman had also been spying on Vecoline, he wasn't surprised at all of Vec's betrayal.

"Wow, plot twist! I better go get Claus."

Rayman walked down the metal floored hallway leading to Vecoline's base. He stopped at the door and guessed the password to open the door, on the tiny computer screen he typed "VECRULESABUNCH" The metal door opened and revealed the entrance to where Vecoline stored all the Claus clones. Rayman wasn't a bit surprised that he could guess the password. The the middle of the base was a large machine.

"This must be the machine Vec used to create those Fredmark and Quincy clones in 2012."

Rayman walked up to the machine and looked at the text on it.

"CLONING MACHINE 1200000000" the text read.


Rayman laughed.

"Expressed permission? Lord Vecoline? Vec really thinks highly of himself."

Around the machine were thousands of capsules, all holding clones of Claus.

"Hm, which one is the Masked Man himself?"

Rayman saw that many of the clones had designs that could easily be told apart from the real Claus. Many Claus clones had double-colored eyes, having one red eye and one green. One clone had a blue jacket instead of black, and many had anime-style eyes and hair. Each one of the Claus clones had various tubes going into their bodies.

Rayman then caught sight of a clone. It looked like Claus, except it had two rainbow-colored tongues sticking out its mouth. It had horns and a tail. Next to it, was a creature that was certainly not Claus. It was an anthro hyena, but it had Claus' hair and jacket, and had the same rainbow tongues of the previous clone.

"You'd have to have the intelligence of Porky to think that's Claus." Rayman muttered under his breath.

Rayman then saw a clone that looked EXACTLY like Claus. Rayman typed the password "VECOLINEISTHEGREATESTSKYLANDEROFALLTIME" on the computer screen on the base of the capsule. The capsule then opened, and Claus' eyes struck open. Claus ripped the tubes off his back and arms and climbed out the capsule.

"Where am I?"

"Well if it isn't Claus, long time no see, the pizza story published as a book sold over a million copies while you were gone, you should have seen it! Vecoline kidnapped you and locked you in this capsule. Apparently, he's rebuilding the Pigmask Army, and he's creating thousands of clones of you to be a part of the army, with permission from Porky, of course."

Claus rubbed his eyes.

"Wait, the Pigmask Army?"

Rayman nodded.

"We're in the Leader Vec Universe."

Claus gasped.

"The Leader Vec Universe!? I thought this place got thrown into the Galactic Generator!"

Rayman nodded.

"Vec somehow was able to rebuild it, by finding another universe full of empty planets, and he's been rebuilding the universe for months."

Claus scoffed.

"Typical of him."

Claus walked down the base to the door, Rayman chased after him.

"lazt nigt, i ordurd a pizzua, and wen it cam, it wuz KULD!!!!! so i gav it 2 porkee, and he ate it, and he dyed."

Claus couldn't help but have a tiny smile.

"You memorized that entire story word-for-word haven't you? You don't need that paper anymore it seems."

Rayman didn't have time to answer, as a leopard appeared in the door. It was Leopardeon, a Skylander who was a leopard with purple colored dragon wings. He wore two white bracelets on his front legs with a small dark blue gem on them. He wore a necklace, that was also white, and had several blue gems on it.

"Claus! About time you came back! I still am going to sue you for putting me in that can!"

Rayman was confused.

"What is he talking about?"

Claus rolled his eyes at the leopard.

"He means that time I played Can Your Pet and put his name on it. Leo thinks that he can copyright himself."

Rayman scoffed and continued walking out the door with Claus, ignoring Leo. Leo growled and followed them.

"You two aren't going anywhere without me!"

Rayman and Claus... and Leopardeon, walked into the main room of the star planet, and stared at all the Vecoline clones who whispered at each other. Spyro and his seven friends then walked downstairs from the lava area. Spyro gasped.

"Claus, you're okay!"

Ridley ran down and jumped up and down, happy that his Portal Master was alright.

"Did you hear about Vec's plan to rebuild the Pigmask Army?"

Claus nodded.

"And we are going to stop him."

Spyro's smile turned into a frown.

"You mean, you two?"

Leopardeon jumped up behind Rayman and Claus.

"You mean us three!"

Claus nodded. Rayman took out a Turtle Tumble book from his pocket.

"But Claussss, King Kemses says that since we're not Skylanders, we wouldn't last ten seconds!"

Leopardeon put his paws up in front of them.

"Um, hello? I'm a Skylander!"

Claus ignored Leo and grabbed the Turtle Tumble book from Rayman's hand, before throwing it in one of the water pools, where the Vecoline clones all swam to it and started reading from its soaking pages.

Spyro stomped his paws on the ground in frustration.

"Ugh! Last time I heard, this series was called 'Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy'! We are Skylanders, and we are the Elements of Prophecy! So we should be the heroes! The series isn't called 'Rayman and Claus' Wacky Adventures' for a reason!"

Tails slapped Spyro on the wrist.

"Spyro how many times have I told you not to break the fourth wall!?"

Spyro licked his wrist with his forked tongue.


Leopardeon struggled to get in front of Rayman and Claus.

"Actually I think it should be called 'Rayman and Claus and Leopardeon's Wacky Adventures'!"

Claus wacked Leo in the face with his arm cannon.

"Ugh! This arguing is pointless!"

Vecoline himself then appeared from the upstairs.


Spyro stepped back.

"Oh phazon."

The Vecoline clones flew up into the air and looked down at the Skylanders. The seven Skylanders ran from the Vec clones up the stairs, and dashed behind Vecoline. They ran into another room, which was full of portals. The Skylanders ran into the portal, and disappeared into it. Before they knew it, they landed in a grassy patch. Spyro lifted his head, and he noticed they were in a land not anything like Skylands. He stood up and looked around.

"Ugh, where are we?"

The seven walked around and noticed a wooden sign.

"Welcome to Vecnoli!" the sign read.

Spyro groaned and put his paw over his face.

"What the phazon is Vecnoli?"

Sunburn coughed.

"It sounds like some kind of ravioli."

They looked around and saw nothing but grass. They had no idea where they were, or what they were about to encounter.

Rayman, Claus, and Leopardeon sat tied to the chairs at the dinner table in a strange room decorated with statues of Vecoline. Rayman picked at his steak with his fork.

"I don't trust any food that eagle gives us."

Claus didn't care, however, as he stuffed the steak in his mouth. Leo sat at the end of the short table. He smirked and leaned towards the two.


Claus fell over, and his face landed right into his steak. Rayman coughed.

"Um, Leo, we're eating."

Leo laughed.


Rayman leaned over to Claus and whispered to him.

"All this because of some Can Your Pet game?"

Leo then laughed and clawed at the ropes tying him to the chair.


Rayman then picked up his full plate of steak and threw it at Leo. It hit Leo in the face.


Leo then wiped the meat seasoning off his face and clawed at the ropes. Rayman reached his head down and bit the ropes tying him. He then had an idea.

"Claus, maybe your arm cannon can burn the ropes!"

Claus then attempted to shoot out of his arm cannon and burn the ropes. A ball of fire shot out his cannon, and burned the ropes, along with him.


A huge burn appeared on Claus' hip. He quickly got up and walked to Rayman.

"It's gonna hurt."

Rayman nodded.

"I can deal with it."

Claus then shot a ball of fire out of his arm cannon, which burned Rayman and the ropes.


Rayman quickly got up from the chair. Claus then looked at Leo.

"Don't worry about him."

Leopardeon then laughed. He then opened his mouth and shot a beam of chaos beam at the ropes, which snapped in half.

"I could have freed myself a long time ago, but I didn't want to."

Rayman and Claus then turned and walked out of the throne room, completely ignoring Leo, who followed them. Claus then grabbed Rayman and threw him into a closet when Leo wasn't looking. Claus whispered to Rayman.

"I have a plan. Rayman, you go look for Vecoline, and tell him that you want to join the Pigmask Army, then, get as much info out of him as possible. I'll be watching."

Rayman shook his head.

"I don't know about that..."

Claus scoffed.

"Come on."

Outside the closet, Leo could hear them. He quietly snickered. When the two came out of the closet, Leo scoffed and smirked at them.

"You guys aren't going anywhere without me!"

Claus groaned and walked down the hallway and down the stairs back to the main room. The Vecoline clones were swimming peacefuly. The room leading to the volcano area was just ahead of them. Claus pointed towards the room.

"Go in there."

Claus poked at Rayman in the back with his sword.


Rayman walked into the lava area, and saw Vecoline sitting on top of the cliff. He walked over to Vecoline, who suprisingly was much bigger than him. Vecoline turned around and growled.

"YOU! HOW DID YOU ESCAPE!? You three would not eat your dinner! I had no choice but to keep you there!"

Rayman coughed.

"Um, I forgot. But I wanted to inform you that I would LOVE to join the Pigmask Army!"

Vecoline scoffed.

"You? In the Pigmask Army?"

Rayman nodded.

"I'll obey your orders and become a loyal Pigmask!" Vecoline smirked.

"Well, maybe I'll let you join."

Rayman smiled.

"So, do I join or not?"

Vecoline didn't have time to answer, as Leopardeon dashed to the volcano island and stepped in front of Rayman.

"Lord Vecoline, I wanted to inform you that he is faking."

Vec coughed.


Rayman pushed Leo out of the way.

"He's lying! I really do want to join the Pigmasks!"

Vecoline snorted a puff of fire. Leo stumbled back up to his paws.

"No, he is lying. Portal Master Claus is hiding somewhere near, and he sent Rayman out here to fake wanting to join so he would get as much info as possible."

Rayman scowled at Leo and turned to Vec.

"He's lying!"

Vecoline lifted his foot and put his talons over his beak.

"Ugh! I don't know who to listen to anymore!"

Vecoline then turned and flew from the cliff over to the over side of the lava area. Rayman walked over to Leo and slapped him in the face.


Leo laughed.

"You deserved it."

Rayman groaned and walked over to Claus.

"Leo blew it."

Claus scouled at Leo.

"What's the matter with you!? Now that he knows we broke free, he'll probably tie us to those chairs again any moment now!"

Leo smirked and walked back inside the star planet. Rayman and Claus followed.

On Vecnoli, Spyro ran across the grassy fields in search of anyone. The fields were entirely empty, with no one in sight except for him and his friends. Spyro looked around, and there was nothing but grass. No mountains, no towns, no forests, just a plain grass field that went on forever.

Sunburn walked up to Spyro and tapped him on the back with his talon.

"Spyro, this is getting us no where."

Spyro reluctantly nodded and looked ahead.

"There's nothing but grass for miles."

Tails glided through the sky and looked ahead at the miles and miles of grass, before something caught her eye. She hovered in midair and looked towards Spyro.

"Look, there's something in the distance!"

Spyro walked and saw a strange looking city in the distance.

"Let's go!"

The seven Skylanders dashed towards the city, which was located atop a giant hill. When they climbed up the hill, they stood in front of a large golden gate. Spyro walked towards the gate, and saw a button. He pressed it, and the gate opened. The Skylanders walked into the city which seemed strangely familiar. The city was decorated in various gems, and there were many spiraling towers. Vecoline clones walked up and down the streets, waving to each other. It was then when it struck Spyro.

"This is an exact copy of Acornia!"

Spyro's friends looked around, and saw that he was right. The city was an EXACT copy of Acornia. Every tower had been copied exactly, and the same gems were in the same place on the towers as the real Acornia. The Vecoline clones stared at the Skylanders as they started to run to the other side of the city. When they came to the end, they saw a large castle in the distance. They ran towards the castle, and found themselves in another city, except, this one wasn't a copy of Acornia.

This was a copy of the Willow Woods City.

Everything in the city was like the real one. Spyro looked up, and he could even see his house. Spyro flew up to the replica of his house, and went inside. Everything was just like the real thing, with every book on the same place on the same shelf, and there even were some things on the ground, the same things that fell off the shelf in Spyro's real house the night before. Spyro looked at one of his shelves and gasped.

"How does he know the exact contents of my medicine cabinet!?"

Chapter Three: Chimera LeopardEdit

Rayman and Claus walked down the many metal hallways of Vecoline's star planet with Leopardeon following behind them. Claus groaned.

"How does Vecoline himself find his way around this thing!? Every room and hallway looks exactly the same!"

Rayman was to busy staring at a cellphone he was holding to care about Claus' problems.

"Hm, Porky and Malefor posted a selfie of them reading Turtle Tumble on Instapork."

Claus turned around and snatched the cellphone from Rayman's hand, before throwing it on the floor and smashing it with his boot.

"That is not important!"

Rayman scoffed.

"What happened to your happy gland, Claus?"

Claus turned around and groaned.

"I don't have a happy gland." he said quietly.

Leopardeon snickered from behind them.

"You two are such idiots! And no, you don't have a happy gland, Claus."

Rayman couldn't help but smile like a fool, trying not to laugh.

"Every time Claus gets stressed, the storm clouds in his brain roll in, and a nasty storm rages! Claus' happy gland is forced to take shelter in the recesses of his mind."

Claus groaned and gritted his teeth.

"You've been watching SpongeBob way too much."

Soon, before they knew it, Vecoline appeared from the long hallway in the distance. He cawed.

"You three! I was looking for you everywhere!"

Claus took out his sword, which crackled with electricity. Rayman took something out of his pocket. It resembled a submachine gun, which it was, except it shot out plungers. Rayman took out a cloth and polished it, feeling proud. Claus rolled his eyes.

"Where the phazon did you get that ugly thing?"

Rayman scoffed.

"It's something I found in my closet back home. It's an upgraded version of my plunger gun. I gave the original to Drobot, and he remade for me. It shoots 100 plungers per minute!"

Claus rolled his eyes.

"And why would you have a plunger gun?"

Rayman put the cloth back in his pocket, and pointed the gun at Vecoline.


Vecoline screeched at the two.

"Enough talking! Fight me or else!"

Leopardeon stepped from in between Rayman and Claus and stood in front of Vec.

"No, I want to fight them first."

Claus rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Leo, you don't want to side with him!"

Leo grinned.

"Of course I do."

He opened his mouth and shot a blast of chaos beam at the two. The light blue electricity shocked Claus. He held up his sword and slashed at Leo. Leo unsheathed his claws and swiped at Claus' face.

"You're no match for me!"

Leopardeon's eyes were slowly turning from blue to a strange red and green. Soon, his eyes completely turned double colored, with one being red, and the other being green. He growled. Rayman shot out of his plunger gun at Leo, which hit him. Leo came tumbling onto his back as the plunger exploded into flames and left a bruise on his face. Claus smiled.

"Did the exploding plungers come from Drobot as well?"

Rayman nodded.

"When I first used the original on the Rabbids it would just shoot ordinary plungers. Drobot thought it needed a little of a revision."

Leopardeon quickly got up to his paws, and he roared at the two. Claus aimed his arm cannon at him, and shot a ball of electricity at the leopard. Leo fell back against the wall, with the ridges of his wings being torn, revealing a metal frame. The metal frame of Leo's wings were scorched to nearly black. His red and green eyes were glowing with rage. Claus gasped.

"He's metal!"

Vecoline hovered at the ceiling, watching the battle from below. He grinned.

"He's not just made of metal, he's my personal robot chimera! He was once a usual leopard, but Porky managed to capture him and do experiments on him, thus, leading to this! Porky didn't want anything to do with him anymore, so he became a Skylander and joined me, and now he's going to be a loyal member of the Pigmask Army!"

Leo growled with light blue static sparking from his fangs. This wasn't the Leopardeon everyone knew. This was the new Leo. Claus and Rayman slowly stepped away from the snarling leopard.

Spyro looked around the replica of his house, and saw that everything on his desk was in the exact place as in the real version. Smile Dog was digging through his replica medicine cabinet.

"Wow Spyro, you sue have a lot of aspirin."

Spyro rolled his eyes.

"I get headaches a lot."

Spyro looked through the shelves that were under his desk, and he saw the one difference between the replica and the real house.

"Vecoline replaced my Gorillaz albums with Justin Bieber and One Direction albums!"

Spyro growled loud and fell to the floor. Tails walked over to him, snickering.

"Well, the Ultimate Chimera once said that Vecoline represented Justin Bieber."

Spyro got back up and dug through the shelf.

"Vecoline has a phazoning horrible taste in music."

Spyro then looked over at the second shelf next to his albums shelf under the desk.

"Vec replaced all my Wings of Fire and Dragon Keepers books with Warriors and Twilight!"

Spyro took out all the albums and books from the shelves and used his magic to levitate them to a fire drum that was downstairs. He walked to it and blasted a fireball into it, making the coal catch fire. Spyro threw the albums and books into the fire and watched them burn. He grinned.

"That will show him!"

Ridley walked through the house, taking note of everything he saw.

"But why would Vec want to create an exact replica of everything on Skylands?"

Then it hit Spyro.

"You know how Vec has been really mad lately, because of his popularity declining? He said once that he hates Skylands because no one pays attention to him anymore, so he may be trying to recreate his own Skylands, with the only residents being him, the Vec clones, and quite possibly, the Pigmask Army."

Sunburn gasped.

"That makes sense! He wants to escape from our world, but at the same time, he doesn't, so he just made his own!"

Spyro nodded.


Tails then walked over to the two.

"Well, why should we stop him? If he wants to betray us, he can live as far away from Skylands as possible for all I care!"

Spyro stood up and used his water breath to put out the fire, with nothing of the albums and books left except for ash.

"Yes, but, he's going to bring the Pigmask Army to Skylands to take over, remember? He might be trying to take control of both worlds, I think."

Smile Dog was standing on his hind legs leaning against the wall, gently rubbing the tip of his finger on the blade of his axe.

"He wants his unfounded revenge." he said quietly.

Spyro turned and walked towards him.

"What's that?"


Rayman and Claus had managed to escape from Vecoline and Leopardeon. They ran down the metal hallway in search of the main room of the star planet. Claus held his sword tight, and so did Rayman with his plunger gun, just in case Vecoline or Leo appeared out of no where again. The two managed to find their way back to the main room. All the Vec clones were bathing in the swimming pools as usual, until a loud noise struck them.


The noise shook the whole room. The door that led to the volcano area exploded, and pieces of the metal door fell to the ground. Members of the Pigmask army walked in, with Vecoline and Leopardeon in the lead. The Vec clones stepped out of the water and bowed to the two as they and the Pigmasks walked into the room.

Leopardeon gazed over at Rayman and Claus. He grinned, with his red and green eyes shining in the light. Suddenly, Spyro and his seven friends came running out the room with the portals and ran down the stairs. Spyro walked up and snarled at Vec, who was about to lead the Pigmasks to the portal to Skylands.

"You will not do this, Vecoline!"

Vec rolled his eyes at him.

"That's Lord Vecoline to you."

Vecoline cawed and all the Pigmasks ran out the door to the metal bridge leading to Skylands. They trampled over the seven Skylanders and over Rayman and Claus. Once they stood back up from the ground, the army had already gone through the portal. Spyro jumped up to his paws.

"Hurry, let's go!"

Spyro and his friends ran out the door to the portal. Rayman and Claus chased after them.

Once they all made it back to Volcano Island, they found themselves outside of Vecoline's volcano; Vec had moved the portal to the outside to make it easier for the Pigmasks to get to the city.

Spyro ran towards Leopardeon, who was standing by the portal. Spyro leaped up and pinned him to the ground.

"Traitor! How dare you agree to work with that disgusting eagle!"

Leopardeon smirked and blasted a wave of chaos beam into Spyro's face. Spyro screamed and fell over. Leo got up to his paws and slashed his claws at the dragon. Spyro got up and blasted a ball of fire at him. It hit Leo's wings, making them disintegrate more, showing more of his metal frame. Spyro gasped.

"You're a robot!"

Leo smirked.

"Half robot, half chimera, half leopard."

Leo slashed his claws at Spyro's belly, making Spyro groan and roll over. Spyro stumbled to his paws and lashed at Leo with his sharp talons. Spyro turned around and slapped Leo in the face with his sharp tail spade, making Leo fall over. The sharpness of the tail spade's hit made Leo's fur tear, revealing the metal skull under his face.

Leo's red and green eyes glowed with rage as he rammed into Spyro and lifted his paw. A blue aura appeared around Leo's paw, and Spyro soon found himself in a daze. It was Leo's mind controlling spell. Spyro struggled to be free of Leo's grip, and he slipped away and stood on his paws. Spyro soon found himself slashing at himself with his talons, and whipping himself with his tail spade. He tried to stop it, but Leo's spell was too strong.

Spyro opened his mouth, and shot out a blast of ice breath at Leo. It struck him, and he turned into a block of ice. The mind controlling spell broke, and Spyro pushed Leo as an ice block into a lava pool. When the ice slowly melted, Spyro ran as far from the pool as possible, trying to catch up with his friends.

Chapter Four: Vecoline's KingdomEdit

Rayman and Claus ran towards the firey city, trying to escape from the Pigmasks who were invading. They hid behind a building. Claus panted and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"We have to do something, we can't let them take over!"


Rayman was looking down at a cellphone.

"Give me a moment, I'm texting Porky."

Claus groaned.

"How did you get that stupid thing back!?"

"I have two."

Claus snatched the cellphone from Rayman's hand and threw it into a lava pool.

"That is not important! We have to see Claud!"

Claus grabbed Rayman by the hand and dragged him through the city, up to the spiraling rocky hill. On top of the hill, was a large red palace, the home of Claud, ruler of Volcano Island and raiser of Claud's sun.

Claus dragged Rayman up the spiraling hill and to the castle, but stopped at the door. Vecoline and several Pigmasks were walking inside the palace door. A Pigmask stopped Vec and handed him something. It was a golden spiked collar. Vec put it on his neck, and continued walking into the palace. Claus looked closely at the collar.

"I wonder what the collar is for."

Rayman and Claus walked into the castle, quietly following Vec and the Pigmasks into Claud's throne room. When they made it into the room, Claud was sitting on her throne made of rubies and frozen lava. Claud's expression wasn't the determined and confident expression everyone saw her had, instead, her expression was cold. She blankly stared at Vecoline as the Pigmasks hauled her out of the throne room and out of the palace, in which they led her to an underground cave located near Vec's volcano. They put her in the cave, and covered the hole to the cave with a large rock.

Inside the throne room, Rayman and Claus watched from the crack in the door Vec seating himself on Claud's once-throne. He ordered for one Pigmask to get him a mirror, which it did. Vec held the hand mirror in his wing and admired the golden collar he wore. It shone and sparkled in the light of the torches around him.

"This collar is amazing! It certainly shows my power over the lands! Now that I own Volcano Island, next things next, I must take over Pyrias! But, baby steps, people. And by the way, where's Leopardeon?"

Leopardeon crawled out of the lava pool, his fur slowly melting away, showing more of his metal frame. He climbed out of the pool and looked over at the palace from the distance. He looked at his wings, which were burned and torn. Still though, he attempted to take flight. He hopped up and flapped his wings as hard as he could, and he was able to slowly glide towards the palace in search of Vecoline.

Leopardeon flew into the window of the throne room and landed in front of the throne. Vecoline gasped as he saw his torn fur, and disintegrating wings.

"Leopardeon, what happened to you?"

Leo shrugged.

"That Spyro-dragon got into fight with me."

You could hear the robotic tone of Leo's voice, his conscience was slowly fading away, and more and more he was becoming a true robot. Vec cawed.

"I'm sorry. How about you go out to the hallways and guard the palace?"

Leo nodded, and walked out the door into the hallways. The hallway of the palace was decorated in all sorts of shades of red. Rugs with Fire Element symbols on them lay on the ground, and banners of Claud herself hung from the walls, decorated in various rubies. Rayman and Claus were still hiding behind the door, flattening themselves behind the door as much as possible so Leo wouldn't notice them. Rayman then flinched a little, causing the door to squeak, Leo turned his head over to the noise, and turned away and continued to walk down the hall. Rayman and Claus slowly crept from behind the door and ran to the hall. They slowly attempted to walk down the stairs, trying to have Leo not notice them. Claus stepped on the stair step, and it made a loud creak which echoed through the whole palace.

Leo turned around as fast as he could and saw Rayman and Claus on the stairs. He grinned.

"You two, I knew you would be around here somewhere!"

Before Leo could blast a bolt of chaos beam at the two, Rayman and Claus rushed down the stairs, where they ran out the door and collided with Spyro and his friends, who were about to walk in. Spyro pushed the two out of the way.

"You two again! We were going to go in there and talk to Vecoline himself!"

Rayman laughed.

"Really, you think talking to him will make him stop?"

Spyro snarled and walked into the castle, he went up the stairs and peeked into the crack of the door to the throne room. Vecoline was talking with a few Pigmasks.

"In ten minutes, we're going to head out there and take over the rest of the island. Much blood will be shed."

The Pigmasks nodded to the bald eagle and walked towards the door. Spyro gasped and ran as far from the door as possible. He ran to the outside of the castle, and saw a couple of Pigmasks walking towards the city. He walked up to his friends.

"We have to do something, Vecoline is going to send the rest of the Pigmasks in only ten minutes to take over the rest of the island."

Leopardeon stood in the door of the castle, electricity flowing through his veins. The seven Skylanders ran from the castle and towards Vecoline's volcano. They went inside the volcano, and saw Vec's best friend, Magiciano, sitting on the couch. Spyro walked up to him.

"Magiciano, I'm so sorry."

Magiciano sighed.

"It was bound to happen, I could see the signs. Vec has been so aggressive and grouchy since his popularity declined, I wasn't surprised that he did this."

Spyro sighed.

"Why didn't you stop him?"

"I did, once, but he told me that I was useless. Then he went into his little portal in his room. I knew that the portal was the Leader Vec Universe, I could sense that the rumors were true."

At the palace, two Skylanders were spying on the Pigmasks heading out to the palace door to the city. Stealth Elf and Trigger Happy looked out of a window on one of the highest rooms of the tower. Trigger Happy growled at the Pigmasks.

"What are they going to do?"

Stealth Elf looked closely at the Pigmasks trotting down the spiraling hill and into the lava city.

"They're going to take over the city. I see a few heading out to the forest as well. We have to do something."

Stealth Elf grabbed Trigger Happy's hand and leaped out of the window. She fell right on to her feet on the ground. Trigger Happy let go of her hand and took out his two golden guns, while Stealth Elf took out her two sharp daggers. The two Skylanders ran into the city in search of any of the Pigmasks. The city was usually very populated, but everyone was either killed by the Pigmasks, or was hiding in their homes. Stealth Elf and Trigger Happy charged over at a group of Pigmasks, and attacked.

Spyro and his friends, along with Magiciano, walked out of Vec's volcano, and saw the chaos going on in the city ahead. The nine Skylanders charged towards the city, and saw that there were thousands of Pigmasks, invading not only the city, but all of Volcano Island. A group of Pigmasks near the outside of the city attacked the Skylanders. They pointed their guns and shot at them. Spyro blasted a ball of fire at the Pigmasks, causing one to get burned.

Gill Grunt took out his gun and shot out a blast of water at the Pigmasks. When they were soaked, Tails charged at them and lashed at them with his thunder bash. His two tails smacked them across the face and shocked them, making them fall over. Another large group of Pigmasks ran from the city and shot at the Skylanders with her guns. Flashwing flew up to the sky and shot a blast of crystal shards out of her tail at them. Soon, more and more Pigmasks were around the Skylanders, and before they knew it, Pigmask crowds of thousands were circling around the nine Skylanders. Spyro looked up, and he saw Vecoline flying out a window from the palace and landing in front of the Skylanders. He cawed at them.

"Face it, Skylanders! There's nothing you can do! Me and the Pigmasks are going to take over all of Pyrias whether you like it or not!"

Before they knew it, Stealth Elf and Trigger Happy appeared from the crowd and attacked the Pigmasks around them. Spyro grinned.

"Hey guys! How did you find us?"

Stealth Elf held the Pigmasks back and stabbed them in the chest with her daggers.

"Master Eon sent us here because he saw the Pigmasks taking over in his Portal of Power. He knew you guys were already here, so he just sent us just for extra help. We made it into Vec's palace and spied on him and the Pigmasks for a while."

Rayman and Claus were slowly walking down the spiraling hill, looking behind them every ten seconds just in case Leopardeon decided to follow them. Claus looked over and saw the thousands of Pigmasks gathered around the eleven Skylanders, along with Vecoline.

"I think every member of the Pigmask Army is there, so that means that the city is empty!"

Rayman looked over at the city and poked Claus in the back.

"No, there's some Pigmasks in the city."

Claus looked over and saw a couple Pigmasks dragging a few mabu out of their house and brutally killing them. Most of the mabu were thrown into the lava, while the Pigmasks ran into their houses and took out anything valuble. Vecoline flew to the sky and cawed to all the Pigmasks.

"Attack the Skylanders at once!"

Thousands of Pigmasks rammed into the eleven Skylanders at once. Spyro took flight and blasted a bright ball of flame at them. Many of them fell to the ground, burned. Trigger Happy shot coins out of his two golden guns, which hit the Pigmasks, making them fall over. Stealth Elf slashed her daggers at the Pigmasks. Smile Dog took out his large battle axe and slashed at the Pigmasks, making them fly into the air.

Vecoline screeched as a blast of ember beam shot of of his beak at the Skylanders. It hit them and made them tumble to the ground. Spyro looked up to Vec.

"Vecoline, please, stop this, this is not right."

Vec scoffed.

"This is my life now."

Vecoline flew up higher into the sky and watched the battle from below. Rayman and Claus stood on the spiraling hill watching the battle, before something bumped into their backs. Claus turned around, and saw a furious snarling Leopardeon behind them. He snarled and growled at the two, before ramming into them, making them fall off the spiraling hill. Leo jumped off the hill and slowly hovered in midair. Claus' two mechanical wings sprouted out of his jetpack, and he hovered in midair and he slashed his sword at Leo who was hovering next to him. Rayman was too amazed to care about how he was about to fall into the lava below.

"Wow, I never knew you had wings, Claus!"

Leopardeon snarled at Claus as he was struck by his sharp sword, tearing his fur and revealing more of the metal inside of him. Claus struck Leo with his sword again, and made the scales on his wing ridges tear. Leo flapped his wings as hard as he could, but slowly he was falling to the ground as the membranes on his wings were slowly disappearing. Leo screamed a robotic-sounding roar and tumbled into the lava below. Claus grabbed Rayman and flew to the ground near the lava pool. Leopardeon quickly jumped out of the lava pool. Rayman and Claus ran behind one of the buildings of the nearby city. Rayman took a deep sigh.

"We have to do something about him."

Claus then had an idea.

"I know how we can get rid of him. I have a little something I borrowed from the Mecha-Drago that I borrowed. We need to get him to Chaos Island."

Chapter Five: It Is FinishedEdit

Spyro and his friends stood in the middle of the island, panting and sweating. Thousands of dead bodies of Pigmasks lay on the ground near them. Every single Pigmask was dead. Mabu who luckily hadn't been killed slowly walked out of their houses. Spyro stood up and took a long sigh. Vecoline slowly glided to the ground. He looked around at the numerous dead bodies around him. Smile Dog walked over to the portal near Vec's volcano and smashed it with his axe. The portal to the Leader Vec Universe had been destroyed.

Vecoline closed his eyes, and remembered when he was popular. He had a flashback to 2012.

Vecoline was being interviewed on the news. A microphone was being held to his beak as he smiled.

"Wow! I am so popular! I have so much fanmail I can't read it all!"

Vecoline snapped back to reality, tears were streaming down his face as he stared at the Skylanders. Vec turned, and took flight. He flew away from the Skylanders towards a large cliff in the distance. Spyro gasped.

"Where's he going?"

The Skylanders took off towards the cliff he was heading to. They stopped at the bottom of the cliff. Vec was standing on the edge of the cliff, staring at the large pool of green colored bubbling lava below. It was the River of Death, a lava river in Volcano Island that no one dared to come near. The green lava wasn't like ordinary lava, it was even hotter. Anything that touched the lava would disintegrate in under a second.

Vecoline looked at the lava below, tears fell from his eyes, and into the lava. Spyro stood halfway on the cliff as Magiciano ran towards Vec and stood behind him.

"Vecoline, please don't do this! I already lost Billy Bob, I can't lose another friend!"

Tears were streaming down Magiciano's face.

"Please, I still care about you!"

Vec quietly scoffed.

"No one cares about me. I'm just like any other Skylander. I have a boring personality, and a boring design. What good am I, in a world like this?"

Spyro stood behind Magiciano, tiny tears falling down his cheeks. Vecoline turned around, and looked at the group of Skylanders watching him. Spyro's friends stood at the bottom of the cliff, shocked and nearly crying. Vecoline turned back towards the lava. He sighed.

"At least I got my... unfounded revenge."

Vec leaned in forward, and fell off the cliff. Magiciano ran to where he once stood, and screamed.


Vec dropped from the cliff, and into the green lava. He submerged into it, and slowly turned into ash. Vec looked up at Magiciano from the lava, his beak stuck out of the lava.

"Forgive me." he said faintly.

Vec's entire body went into the lava, and he turned into ash. Nothing of him was left. Tears were falling out of Magiciano's eyes like a flood. He looked up from the lava, and saw the two suns slowly making their way up to the sky. Spyro gasped.

"But, how?"

Spyro took flight and flew back to Vec's volcano, he looked and saw that the rock covering the underground cave Claud was trapped in was moved. Claud was standing in the cave, her horn glowing a yellow fiery aura as the sun rose up to the sky. She walked out of the cave and coughed.

"I was able to move the rock with all my magic strength."

Spyro's friends walked to the volcano from the River of Death. Spyro looked over at the cliff from the distance, and he saw Magiciano still sitting there. He stared at the two suns high above the sky. The smoky clouds had cleared up, and the suns shone bright on him. He sighed, and flew up to the volcano with Spyro and his friends. Claud ran to him.

"What happened to Vecoline?"

Spyro sighed.

"He threw himself into the River of Death."

Claud sighed.

"It was bound to happen. All that eagle wanted was his fame back. He was nasty and selfish, he never cared about anyone else but him. I should have banished him from the island two years ago. I shall be returning to my rightful throne now. The island really needs to be repaired from the damage Vec and the Pigmasks caused."

Spyro nodded, and Claud took flight and flew back to her place on the spiraling hill. Spyro nodded to his friends.

"We should head back to Willow Woods now."

Magiciano stood in front of the door to Vec's volcano. He looked at the two statues on the sides of the door.

"You guys take care."

Magiciano slowly opened the door and walked inside, before shutting it. Spyro sighed, and led his friends to the hot air balloon near the edge of the island he used to get there earlier.

Back at Spyro's house in Willow Woods, Spyro was picking up the books and other objects which fell off the shelves the previous night. Tails looked at the Leader Vec's Universe page in the Rumors of Skylands book.

"What about the Leader Vec Universe? What's gonna happen to the Vec clones, and the Claus clones in their capsules."

Spyro sighed.

"The Vec clones, unless they can find their own food, will probably starve, and the Claus clones, I have no idea."

Soon, a small white bird tapped on the window, it held a scroll in it's talons. Spyro opened the window and took the scroll from the bird, which he read.

"Guys! Master Eon says that he needs us at Core of Light Island pronto! He says that Kaos is back with the Darkness."

Tails yawned.

"Sorry, I'm too worked out."

Smile Dog, Ridley, and Flashwing nodded. Sunburn, Trigger Happy, and Stealth Elf gathered around Spyro.

"Alright then, we'll go."

Spyro and his four friends walked downstairs and onto a Portal of Power in the middle of the room. They disappeared and headed to the Ruins.


"Where are you taking me!?"

Leopardeon roared and attempted to claw at Rayman and Claus who were carrying him. Leo's wings were tied to his body, and his legs were tied together. Rayman and Claus carried Leo up to the Chaos Tower and into a small room. Claus glared at Leo.

"Stop talking, please."

Standing at the end of the room was the Mecha-Drago. Claus then took out a small object from his pocket, which resembled a small makeup mirror. Claus put the object on the floor, and the lid opened. The object turned into a large portal resembling the portals Spyro would have seen back at home in the Dragon Realms. The portal glowed a purple aura.

The portal was the Galactic Generator.

Claus glared over at Rayman, and at the Mecha-Drago.

"You ready?"

They nodded, and they untied Leo. Leo jumped up to his paws and clawed at Rayman and Claus. His claws where unsheathed, and his red and green robotic eyes were glowing with rage. Claus stabbed Leo in the chest with his sword, the electric energy stunning him. Blood and static electricity came running out of his chest like a flood. Claus quickly pulled his sword out, and him, the Mecha-Drago, and Rayman threw Leo into the generator.

Leo's paw stuck out of the portal, and his claws scraped the ground as he was slowly being sucked in. Leo then completely disappeared into the portal, and a faint scream could be heard. The portal then closed, and turned small again. Claus picked up the object and stuck it back in his pocket.

Leo's entire essence was destroyed in the Galactic Generator. His entire life had been wiped from time. He never existed.

Rayman then took out a bomb from his pocket, and set it on the ground. He then got a couple pictures of Leo from around the house, and put it near the bomb. He then took out a match, and lit the bomb with it.

"See ya, 2012."

Rayman, Claus, and the Mecha-Drago slowly walked out of the tower, with absolutely no guilt or regrets. Their clothes were covered in blood, and the fur collar on Claus' jacket was completely stained dark red. Soon, before they knew it, the Chaos Tower behind them exploded and erupted into flames. Claus wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"You will never mention this to anyone for as long as you live."

Rayman nodded.

"To our lives to the very end."

The three then stopped in their tracks, before falling into unconsciousness.

None of it technically happened.

"lazt nigt, i ordurd a pizzua, and wen it cam, it wuz KULD!!!!! so i gav it 2 porkee, and he ate it, and he dyed."

Claus couldn't help but have a tiny smile.

"You memorized that entire story word-for-word haven't you? You don't need that paper anymore it seems."

Rayman and Claus then walked out of Vecoline's base, with no one interrupting them.


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