Third in the Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy fanfics.

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Date finished: 6/27/2014

Note: I tried to give Smile Dog more of a role since in the previous two stories he did pretty much nothing. He didn't even have one single line in Dragon Island Drama.

Chapter One: Dried EyesEdit

Noises of banging, crashing, and scratching on the walls could be heard in Spyro's house. Spyro was throwing all sorts of magic books, Skylands history books, and scrolls written in Draconic into a bag. Sparx flew up and hovered in front of Spyro, rubbing his eyes.

"Spyro! It's only 8:00 AM, what could you possibly be doing this early?"

Spyro looked at him with bloodshot eyes, it had been obvious that he'd been up all night.

"You've forgotten already? Sparx! Today is the day I'm supposed to meet Ignitus at Acornia!"

Sparx looked puzzled.


Spyro growled at him.

"Yes, Acornia! The capital of Willow Woods, and Ignitus and his assistant Cristal De le Crème are supposed to meet me at noon for some meeting or something."

Sparx scratched his head.

"Okay, are you bringing your friends?"

Spyro had completely forgotten about his friends until then.

"Sparx! I almost forgot! I need to get my friends!"

Spyro grabbed his bag of books and charged out the door.

Spyro ran to Tails' house and knocked on the door frantically.

"Tails, Tails, Tails!"

Tails opened the door, looking very tired."

"Spyro, what is it?"

"Tails, have you forgotten? We're supposed to go to Acornia!"

Tails blinked.

"Yeah, but, weren't we supposed to go later?"

"But my meeting with Ignitus starts at noon, if we don't go now I'll be late for sure!"

Tails opened his mouth, but didn't have time to say anything as Spyro grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door.

Spyro had gathered up his four remaining friends, including Sunburn, who luckily had been the only one of Spyro's friends who remembered that they were supposed to leave for Acornia that early, so he stayed in Willow Woods City for the night instead of Volcano Island. Spyro pointed at the train station located near the Snoring Tree.

"We have to take the train."

Tails rubbed his eyes.

"Can't we just take the hot air balloon?"

Before Spyro could answer, Flashwing chirped in.

"Yes, but taking the balloon is about a thousand times less regal."

Sunburn looked puzzled.

"Um, how are we supposed to take a train to Acornia? Isn't Acornia, I don't know, located on a hill in the middle of the ocean?"

Spyro shrugged at him.

"You'll see."

As Spyro led the his friends to the train station, he had noticed that Smile Dog was missing.

"Smile Dog?"

The door to the Snoring Tree swung open, and Smile Dog walked out, with Rayman and Galaxy right behind him. Spyro growled.

"Um, excuse me, but that thing is NOT coming with us."

Galaxy snapped her teeth at him.

"I am NOT a thing!"

Spyro rolled his eyes.

"Not you!"

Spyro pointed his white claw at Rayman.

"He is not coming, Smile Dog!"

Smile Dog rolled his eyes.

"Chill, Spy, he won't cause any harm. I'll let him sit in a train seat far from you, I promise."

Spyro gritted his teeth, he cared about Smile Dog a lot, and he didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he didn't want his whole trip to be ruined all because Rayman wanted to be annoying.

"No, Smile Dog, send him home."

Spyro turned away and walked towards the train station, waving his paw at his friends to have them come.

"You too, Smile Dog."

Smile Dog stood up on his hind legs and whispered something to Rayman, Rayman nodded and went back inside the Snoring Tree.

As Spyro and his friends were hopping on the train, Spyro decided to let Galaxy come with them like she wanted, since Spyro had more respect for her than Rayman. On the train, Smile Dog stuck his head out the back window, and Rayman came outside the Snoring Tree. Smile Dog waved his paw at him in a "come here" fashion. Rayman walked over to the train and leaned up to the window, Rayman was only 4ft tall, and the window was 7ft, Smile Dog reached out of the window the best he could without falling out to whisper something to him.

"There's a small hole in the bottom of the train, if you can squeeze through it I can sneak you in. I'll distract Spyro."

Rayman nodded and crawled under the train.

Smile Dog could feel Rayman bumping under the train from the floor, Smile Dog ran to Spyro and pointed at the window.

"Spyro, look! It's Kaos in his floating castle!"

Spyro quickly stuck his head out the window.

"Where? I don't see it!"

Rayman quickly slipped from the hole in the floor and ran to crouch under one of the seats.

"Smile Dog, are you sure you saw it?"

"Actually, I might have been just seeing things."

Smile Dog walked towards the seat where Rayman was hiding under.

"How long do I have to stay here?"

Smile Dog wiped the dirt from his nose with his paw from being under the train, Smile Dog's thick phantom scales made Rayman shiver a little, it reminded him of the Darktoons he had to fight every day.

"At least until the train stops, then when Spyro and the others are out of the train I can sneak you out the window."

Rayman nodded and Smile Dog sat on the seat just behind the one Rayman was hiding under. Spyro looked excited to go to Acornia.

"I heard that Gill Grunt is going to visit me during me and Ignitus' meeting! I haven't seen him in quite a while, it would be great to see him again!"

Gill Grunt had a special place in Spyro's heart, because of all the Skylander missions they had done together, and especially since Gill was one of the first Skylanders Spyro ever met when Master Eon had brought him to the Ruins from Summer Forest. However, when Spyro moved to Willow Woods he lost touch with him.

"Tickets, please."

A mabu walked up to the Skylanders, Spyro smiled and gave him his train ticket, his friends did the same. As the mabu walked up and down the train to see if there were any more passengers, he saw Smile Dog, Smile Dog handed him his ticket. The mabu then caught a strange smell.

"That smells like, the smell of ichneumon."

Rayman was pretty much in Hell under the train seat, there was old gum stuck on the floor, and nasty rotten bread crumbs, and empty candy wrappers infested with flies. It made Rayman want to vomit, but he held it back knowing that he would be caught hiding under there. A fly then landed on top of his nose.

Smile Dog reached his paw under the seat and smushed Rayman's face in before he could sneeze.

"Shhhhh" he whispered.

The mabu had left and the train eventually started. As it got rolling Sunburn kept peering out the window, and she saw what Spyro had been talking about. There were train tracks on a narrow stone bridge on the water, the bridge would extend to the bottom of the hill where Acornia was located, it was strange, but it made sense in an odd Skylands-logic sort of way. The two suns were just starting to come up, and before the Skylanders knew it, they were at Acornia.

The train had stopped right at the bottom of the hill Acornia was located, just at what Sunburn had pictured. Spyro and his friends hopped out of the train, and gazed up at the stiff path going up the hill and towards the bright city. Acornia was just as beautiful up close than it was seeing it in the landscape from Willow Woods City, it was full of bronze-colored spiraling towers and bridges, as Spyro and his friends made their way up the hill, they stopped at a giant gold gate which led to the city. Flashwing was too busy feeling the shiny gold the gate was made out of to care about how to open it. Spyro waved his paw at the mabu who they had handed the tickets to.

"How do we go in?"

The mabu walked up and waved his hand at the gate, and magically the gate opened. Spyro and his friends walked into the Willow Woods capital for the first time. The streets were embedded with beautiful shiny gems in the road, and many types of jewels and gems decorated the numerous buildings and towers.

A the train, Smile Dog pulled Rayman out from under the train seat, he smelled and looked as bad as he did when he was under the train. Smile Dog gazed over and saw the mabu slowly walking down the hill and back to the train.


Rayman and Smile Dog hopped out the window and waited behind the train for the mabu to return. When the mabu went back into the train, Rayman and Smile Dog made a run for it up the hill to the city.

"Now what? How are we going to keep Spyro from finding about me now?"

Smile Dog led Rayman to a corner of the street behind a building.

"Wait here."

Smile Dog dashed down the street to go find Spyro.

Spyro and his friends walked down the shining streets, Flashwing had stars in her eyes, it was like an ultimate gem paradise, gems, gems, everywhere, of all types. Smile Dog managed to catch up to them.

"Spyro, are we going to stay here for the night or go home early?"

Spyro rolled his eyes.

"Oh my Eon, you really don't remember the plan, do you? We are going to stay at a hotel tonight, and don't try to forget it."

Spyro said it in a matter-of-fact sounding voice, before turning back around and continued walking through the city. Smile Dog felt sort of hurt, he thought that Spyro thought that he was dumb and couldn't remember anything. Smile Dog ran from the group back towards Rayman.

"Wow, I should have known from the start that Rayman was a better friend than that purple idiot! At least Rayman doesn't think I'll forget everything!" he thought.

Chapter Two: The MeetingEdit

Spyro had walked up a narrow bridge into a giant tower where Chronicler Ignitus lived. It was a giant spiraling tower, similar to other towers in the city, except this one was much much bigger, and was decorated with silver instead of gold. On the wall of the tower had drawings of Ignitus fighting off Malefor's army of apes when they had attacked the Dragon Temple seventeen years ago carved into the stone. Spyro and his friends entered the giant tower and walked into the main room. Spyro saw books, books everywhere, he looked around and saw thousands of history books about Skylands and the worlds beyond, he even caught sight of a book relating to the mysterious planet known as Earth.

Spyro walked over to Ignitus' desk, and saw a giant book sitting on it, Spyro picked it up, and realized that it was one of the Books of Time, a series of books that chronicled every part of dragon history, and one of the Books of Time had one page in it for each dragon that died, in Skylands and the worlds beyond. After Spyro and Cynder had defeated Malefor, the previous Chronicler before Ignitus had searched through every page of the book for any sign of Spyro or Cynder to confirm if they had died, but he found nothing, meaning Spyro and Cynder were still alive, which they were. The Chronicler would watch over the Books of Time for the time he or she would be Chronicler.

Ignitus then appeared from the upstairs. He folded his wings and smiled at Spyro.

"Hello, Spyro, I knew you'd come, and you've brought your friends along too!"

Spyro nodded and watched as Ignitus' personal assistant, Cristal De le Crème, flew from the upstairs. Cristal was a werewolf, who wore a white and black striped sweater with a black skirt. She wore black high-heeled boots and a dark gray beret. She had long black hair and blue eyes, and had two black and white furred wolf ears, and a furry wolf tail sticking out a hole of her skirt. She also had two large white angel-like wings. No one was sure what she looked like in her wolf form, as she hid it from the world for years, fearing that everyone would be scared of her if they saw her wolf form.

"This must be the SkyWing dragon Skylander you were talking about, Ignitus."

She looked at Ignitus and spoke in her thick French accent. She was quite tall, reaching Ignitus' shoulder, though it could be just an illusion caused by her high heels. Ignitus nodded.

"Cristal, could you go fetch me some more blackberries from the store, my pet phoenixes are quite hungry."

"Yes, Ignitus."

Cristal spread her white feathered-wings and flew out the window.

"Spyro, can we talk in private, please?"

Spyro nodded, and he and Ignitus walked over to another room. Tails looked over at the over Skylanders.

"I wonder what he's hiding from us."

Sunburn scoffed.

"Probably some very important magic talk that only the magical purple dragon of prophecy can know."

Suddenly, the door opened, and a blue gillman with a jet pack filled with water walked in. It was Gill Grunt, one of Spyro's Skylander pals. Sunburn waved over to him.

"Hi, Gill Grunt! Spyro is in the other room having a super secret conversation with Ignitus, you can wait out here with us if you'd like."

Gill chuckled and walked inside to the group of Skylanders.

"I'll just wait here then."

Chapter Three: Swimming with the FishesEdit

Smile Dog and Rayman had decided to explore Acornia without the others.

"I don't want to see Spyro's face ever again! He is so rude to you! And he thinks I will forget everything about the plan!"

Rayman gently tapped his paw on Smile Dog's shoulder, careful not to come in contact with the phantom scales. You see, whenever Smile Dog was frustrated or mad, his phantom scales would become poisonous, and if you touched it you would get sick, and quite possibly, according to Spyro's research, turn into a phantom. No one in Skylands had actually been brave enough to see what would happen if you touched it.

"Calm down, Smile Dog, I'm sure Spyro didn't mean to hurt your feelings, after all, all of his friends had forgotten about pretty much all of the plans. Except for Sunburn, he has "rise and shine" as one of his battle cries for a reason, you know."

Smile Dog twitched his shoulder a little, causing a light purple liquid to drip out his scales. But Rayman was right, Spyro probably didn't mean to hurt his feelings, but that doesn't mean he didn't.

"Oh, if Spyro finds out I brought you along, oh my Eon, he might try to scorch me to cinders with that hot fire breath of his."

Smile Dog had been so mad about Spyro that he barely payed any attention to the city. Smile Dog looked around at all of the towers and buildings in awe.

"Ever since I first opened up my shop in Willow Woods City, I had wanted to make enough money so I could open up an even bigger shop here, in downtown Acornia, I'm sure I'd get way more customers here."

Rayman was a little bit shocked.

"Bu-but, if you open a shop here, would that mean you'd move away from the Willow Woods City? Because it would be awfully annoying to have to take the train to a far away city every morning just to get to work, and that would mean, I couldn't come to your shop and help you, and you'd be so far away from your friends."

Smile Dog shrugged.

"I guess it would mean I'd have to move, but I won't be opening a shop here until I'm an old grumpy dog, so don't worry."

"I'd hate to imagine how poisonous his scales would be when he's an old grumpy dog." Rayman thought.

-At the meeting-

Spyro and Ignitus had finally come out of the room, Spyro then caught sight of Gill Grunt waiting in the group.


Spyro ran towards Gill and hugged him tightly.

"I haven't seen you since we finally got all the pieces to the Mask of Power! How have you been?"

Gill smiled.

"I've been great! How did your meeting with Ignitus go?"

"It went great!"

Cristal had flown back to the tower and in through the window she left through.

"Here are the blackberries for the phoenixes."

She handed a basket full of blackberries to Ignitus, who levitated them with his magic and set them on his desk.

"Thank you, Cristal."

Spyro and his Skylander friends then left the tower and continued exploring the city. Tails poked Spyro on the shoulder.

"So, what did Ignitus tell you?"

Spyro gazed at Tails and sighed.

"Well, he told me something you guys would probably hate, but, he wants me to stay with him in Acornia for a few days, for a Fire Elemental test, to see how powerful my fire breath has gotten. And that's why he wanted to talk in private, because he was worried you'd all freak out."

All of Spyro's friends looked shocked.


Spyro scratched his head.

"Yes, a few days, but come on guys, you can survive a few days without me."

Tails flicked his tails at Spyro.

"Yeah, but it would be really hard."

Smile Dog and Rayman had come across a HUGE candy shop, Rayman was looking at a bunch of plum-flavored lollipops, and Smile Dog was gazing in awe at all the beautifully frosted cakes.

"I wish I could decorate cakes that good!"

Smile Dog then went over and saw that Rayman was actually taking piles of plum lollipops and stuffing them into a bag.

"Rayman! That's stealing, you should know better!"

Smile Dog then grabbed the bag away from him and threw all the lollipops out.


Smile Dog then took two lollipops from the pile and took them to the cash register, but no one was there. He rang the bell on the counter ten times, but no one came.

"Ugh! Does ANYONE work here!?"

Smile Dog then leaped up and jumped over the counter, but he didn't land on the floor like he expected, instead, he fell right through the floor and into a dark hole.


Rayman peered over the counter and saw the dark hole.

"Smile Dog!?"

Rayman leaped over the counter and went into the hole.

Smile Dog was still falling, and when Rayman fell they collided with each over. As they hugged each other they came crashing into a shallow pond with green water. As they got up, they realized they weren't in main Acornia anymore. Smile Dog looked around, they were in a dark cave with stone walls, green colored pools of water were everywhere, and spiders made their webs in the cracks on the ceiling. Smile Dog swished his paw through the murky water, and came across numerous fish bones and skeletons. Rayman stood up and squeezed the green water out of his damp hair.

"Where are we?"

As Smile Dog studied the cave some more, he realized that they had fallen into the Acornia sewers.

"I think we're in the sewers."

Rayman wiped off more water from him.

"Gross! Who knows where this water came from! Obviously something disgusting is mixed with it or it wouldn't be green!"

Smile Dog wiped off the water from his scales.

"Pretty much."

On the surface, Spyro and his friends were still exploring the city, Flashwing had thee urge to just fly up to the towers and take out one of the gems and take it home. Spyro hadn't noticed until now that Smile Dog was missing.

"Hey, where's Smile Dog?"

Tails shrugged.

"I have no idea."

Spyro snorted.

"Well, we have to find him."

As Spyro and his friends searched across the city for Smile Dog, Spyro had a plan to split up.

"Tails, Sunburn, you guys search in the town square. Galaxy, you search near the gardens, and me Gill, and Flashwing will look around here, okay?"

Spyro's friends nodded and went their separate ways. Spyro, Gill Grunt and Flashwing searched across the area they were at, but Smile Dog was still no where to be found. Spyro then walked over behind a building, and saw a dark hole in the ground.

"Guys, come here!"

Flashwing and Gill ran over there, before Gill lost his balance and tumbled into Flashwing, who tumbled into Spyro. The three then fell into the hole.


Spyro would have just grabbed onto Gill and fly out of there, but the hole was too narrow, with not enough room to spread his wings and fly, same with Flashwing, who despite having wings slightly smaller than Spyro, still were two big to fully spread.

The three Skylanders tumbled down the hole in a giant ball before hitting the ground, splashing into a pond of green water. They got up, and Flashwing screamed.

"My beautiful polished scales! What is this disgusting liquid!?"

Gill also hated the water, it reminded him of the nasty polluted water Kaos would infest the ocean with sometimes. It also smelled.

"Guys, we're in the sewers."

Flashwing got up and flapped her wings to get excess water off.

"You think Smile Dog could be down here? It's the only area we haven't checked."

Gill scratched his head.

"But why would Smile Dog be in here?"

Spyro snorted.

"With that husky, anything's possible."

Flashwing then noticed some footprints on the stone area just next to one of the ponds, quite possibly caused by someone walking there after getting the green water on their feet. Spyro walked over and took a closer look at the footprints, they looked identical to a husky's prints, but there were another set of foot prints next to it, which looked like they were caused by someone wearing shoes.

"Strange, I say we follow the prints."

Spyro, Gill, and Flashwing then started to walk down the sewers and follow the footprints, until they came to a stop. Spyro looked over at the pond near where the prints stopped, and it looked deeper than the other ponds, which were shallow. Spyro took a deep breath and dipped his head into the pond. Flashwing was shocked.

"Spyro, what in Eon's name are you doing!?"

Spyro bobbed his head above the water.

"I think whoever made the prints must have swam down there, it's deep enough, and there seems to be a tunnel leading to somewhere else down there. We have to swim."

Flashwing stepped away.

"Nuh-uh, I ain't going down there."

Gill had already dived down in the water, and Spyro grabbed Flashwing and dived into the water.


Flashwing struggled to get free from Spyro's strong grip, but she knew she had to go underwater whether she liked it or not, so she put up with it.

"Rayman, come on! Do you want to get out of here or not!?"

Smile Dog and Rayman stood beside a deep water pond, they had already swam through two ponds to get where they were, and by then Rayman was done with swimming in the murky water.

"Can't there be another way to get out of here? I mean, this sewer keeps going just ahead, there must be a way to get out of here that way."

Rayman pointed at the tunnel beyond them.

"You know, if you actually used your brain, you could figure out that we're actually getting further away from the city, since each of the tunnels located under the water are located down, not up, so basically, we're just swimming deeper into the sewers. Great job."

Rayman certainly had no limbs, but he certainly had a brain. Smile Dog growled at his best friend.

"Shut the heck up, Rayman! I am going to get us out of here whether you like it or not!!"

Smile Dog dove into the pond, Rayman didn't want to be left all alone to get out of the sewer, so he sighed and dove in after him.

As they swam through the tunnel and got to the surface, they noticed a ladder on the wall, something that was not on any of the other walls.

"Look, a ladder! It might lead to the exit!"

Smile Dog went and climbed up the ladder, and Rayman quickly followed. The ladder lead to a small platform, which led to, no where. Smile Dog let out a loud groan which echoed all across the sewers.

"Where'd you think the ladder was going to take you, the city? You obviously forgot that we are way below the city."

Smile Dog snapped his jaw at the hero of the Glade of Dreams and growled like he had rabies.

"One more word out of you and I'll be snapping that neck of yours!"

Rayman chuckled.

"I don't have a neck, you stupid idiot."

Smile Dog was shocked that his best friend called him an idiot, Smile Dog was already mad at Spyro, and he was even more stressed. Smile Dog jumped up and tackled Rayman. The two tumbled off the platform and into the pond. Rayman and Smile Dog argued for over twenty minutes over whether to take the tunnel ahead or to swim in the underwater tunnels.

Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Flashwing still were walking around the dark sewers, trying to find any clue of Smile Dog, Spyro then stopped in his tracks, causing Gill and Flashwing to bump into him.

"Sorry, but do you hear that?"

Flashwing got up and looked ahead.

"Hear what?"

Spyro lifted his head higher and strained his ears to listen.

"It sounds like, arguing, and I swear to Eon I hear Smile Dog's voice, with someone else's."

Flashwing jumped up and hovered in the air, not wanting to step in the green water ever again.

"Well, let's go!"

Spyro and his two friends rushed to the sound of the arguing, until it just stopped, Spyro then heard it pick up again, he stepped closer to the stone wall of the sewer, and pressed his ear against it.

"It's all YOUR fault we're down here!"

"My fault? You're the one who fell in the hole first!"

Spyro could tell one of the voices was Smile Dog, but he couldn't tell who the second voice belongs too, but it sounded very familiar, but he just couldn't put his claw on it. All he knew was that Smile Dog wasn't alone.

"It's coming from behind this wall, we have to destroy it."

Gill Grunt walked up to the wall and felt it, it felt very thick.

"And how exactly are we supposed to do that?"

Spyro thought hard, a part of him wished that Boomer were there with them, his dynamite and bombs combined could break that wall in a heartbeat. Spyro then had an idea."

"Perhaps I could use my earth breath on the wall. If I control it correctly I could smash it open, but I'll have to charge it for it to have maximum power."

On the other side of the wall, Rayman and Smile Dog were still arguing over which path they should take. Soon, they stopped when the floor shook. Smile Dog looked down at the pond as ripples started to appear.

"What was that?"

Rayman opened his mouth, but didn't have time to answer before a creature erupted from the pond. It appeared to be a giant cobra, but it was made of the dark green water. It hissed at the two, before breathing a blast of water them. Rayman struggled to stand up.

"What in Eon's name is that thing!?"

Smile Dog grabbed his axe and jumped up and tried to slash it, but his axe passed right through. The cobra hissed at him and whacked him away with his tail. Spyro heard all the noise and hissing through the wall, still charging his earth breath.

Spyro stood up, and opened his mouth. A blast of dark green earth breath smashed a giant hole in the wall. Spyro and his three friends ran to the other side. Smile Dog was shocked to see them.


Spyro glared up at the water cobra, before leaping up and blasting his electric breath at it. The cobra shrieked in pain as Flashwing flew up and whacked it with her crystal shards. The creature screamed and dissolved into water which landed into the pond. Spyro flew down and ran to hug Smile Dog.

"Oh Smile Dog! I'm so glad you're okay!"

Spyro then gazed over and saw Rayman. Smile Dog jumped away from him and stood in front of Rayman in a defensive position.

"Spyro! It's not what you think!"

So much smoke was pouring out of Spyro's nose that it was sort of hard too see his eyes. Spyro stomped his paw on the ground and roared.

"What in Eon's name did I tell you, Smile Dog!? I told you to leave that waste of Nymph magic at home, but did you listen!? No, you didn't! I'm sure it was HIS fault you were stuck down here, isn't it?"

Smile Dog glared his eyes back at Spyro.

"Actually, it was my fault, I fell into the sewer hole first, and Rayman jumped in after me, because he cared about me and wanted to save me."

Spyro's rageful eyes then turned to normal.

"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking, I was just so mad."

Smile Dog walked over and gave his SkyWing friend a hug.

"It's all right, all that matters now is getting out of this sewer."

Spyro then had an idea.

"I still have some Earth Element energy left, if it could smash open the wall, I'm sure it can smash open the ceiling."

Smile Dog nodded as Spyro flew to the ceiling, he inhaled in and blasted a giant breath of cinder breath at the ceiling. It blasted a hole, Spyro could see the sky from above.

"Come on!"

Gill hopped on Flashwing's back, who flew up out of the hole. Smile Dog jumped on Spyro's back, and just as he was about to fly, Smile Dog tapped him with his claw. Spyro glared over and saw Rayman, Spyro then rolled his eyes and let Rayman climb on his back. Spyro flew out of the hole, and finally, they were in the city again.

Chapter Four: Out of the Murky WaterEdit

Spyro, Flashwing, Gill, Smile Dog, and Rayman had finally caught up with the others, who were extremely worried. Galaxy was glad that she didn't come with them.

"Ew, being trapped in a sewer, that's disgusting!"

Smile Dog walked next to Rayman, and gazed up at him.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you like that, it's just that when I'm frustrated I don't really think straight."

Rayman smiled.

"It's alright. All that matters now is that we all get a bath."

Later on, Spyro was looking through Ignitus' books, and one caught his eye. "Portal Masters of Skylands" the title read. Spyro looked through the book, and one Portal Master caught his eye, Spyro gasped.

"I need to see him."


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