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"For it was when the three Creators Amoura, Polokus, and Crystalor had discovered that they had the ability to make all their dreams a reality, therefore, they had created the Universe, and it's billions of stars, suns, moons, galaxies, solar systems, and even planets, including Skylands. In Skylands, they had also created a kingdom known as the Glade of Dreams, they filled the land with lush forests and jungles, magical cities, sandy deserts, volcanoes, and even cold arctic mountains, but that wasn't enough, they dreamed up tasty food worlds and magical realms no one had ever thought of. After it's creation, one of the Creators, Polokus, felt lonely in the Glade, so he created the Teensies, and the Glutes, and many other creatures. The three Creators then created the most magical item in all of Skylands, The Great Protoon, the Protoon is what controls the magic, harmony, and balance within the world of Skylands, and possibly the whole Universe as well."

"However, not all of their creations were good, under the influence of dark Magic, Polokus started having nightmares, soon, vicious creatures such as Darktoons started to take over the land. Eventually, Polokus dreamed his most horrible nightmare yet, Arkday the Panther, Arkday was very evil, he used all sorts of dark Magic to take over the land, eventually, Arkday used his Magic and banished Polokus, Amoura, and Crystalor and and sealed them deep within the Great Protoon. Afterwards, Arkday became the ruler of the Glade and took the new title as The Panther King, and renamed the Glade "the Panther Kingdom"."

"For thousands of years, the Panther Kingdom had been under the rule of King Arkday, until one night, Conker, a squirrel, well, got drunk on plum juice, and lost his way home, and had to find his way back. Skipping the long adventure, the Panther King was killed by Conker, and Conker was crowned the new king, and the Panther Kingdom became known as the Glade of Dreams for the first time in a thousand years."

"There is, however, a prophecy,  that one day a group great heroes will release the three Creators from their Protoon prison, the prophecy had spread throughout Skylands for thousands of years, but many do believe it will come true."

The new Chronicler, Ignitus, read the story out loud to his young Skylander student, Spyro Skye Duskshine the Dragon, a young SkyWing purple dragon of prophecy. Spyro was a dark purple-scaled dragon who had orange curved horns, a yellow underbelly, white claws, a large orange pointed tail spade, and purple wings with orange membranes with a small white horn at the top.

"Wow Ignitus, that's an amazing story, now I really want to see the Glade of Dreams!"

Ignitus chuckled.

"You will see it soon, young dragon."

Chapter One: The BeginningEdit

Spyro walked through Cloud 9; the magical city high above the Dragon Realms, back to his home, it had been so long since he smelled the fresh scent of the Dragon Realms, after he and Cynder's battle with Malefor, the Undead Dragon King, he had felt relieved that he could return back to his Skylander pals and not have to worry about any Undead dragon destroying the world. Spyro walked into his small palace-like home and went up the spiraling stairs to the top floor, and walked into the room. There, Sparx, Spyro's dragonfly foster brother and best friend since birth, was reading a book.

"Hey Sparx!"

"Hey Spyro! How'd your time with Ignitus go?"

Spyro smiled.

"It went great! Ignitus told me the story of the Glade of Dreams"

"Oh did he? Great! More info for when he go on our trip!"

Later, it was almost twilight, and Spyro and Sparx came out the tower and greeted Ignitus who was waiting for them.

"Are you ready? Young dragon?"

"Of course, Ignitus, I'm ready for anything!"

"Come on then, you don't want to miss the party, right?"

"Of course not! Let's go!"

Spyro and Sparx hopped into a hot air balloon with Ignitus. The three flew all the way to the Glade of Dreams, and before they knew it, they landed in the Willow Woods city, a city located in the lush Willow Woods, Ignitus hopped out the balloon.

"Come on, you two, you have a long night ahead of you."

Spyro looked at the lush city with glittering eyes.

"Wow! The Willow Woods city is awesome!"

Sparx looked at Spyro and smiled.

"Well, we still have time before the party, how about we look around?"

"Sure, let's look around."

Spyro and Sparx looked around the city, and found a library, Spyro loved books, so he and Sparx went inside, the inside was covered with bookshelves full of books, the excited Spyro ran through the library scanning his red eyes over every one of the books.

"Wow, so many books! I wonder what secrets live inside each one of them!"

One book then caught his eye, the title read "The Serpent of the Ocean", Spyro went over and lifted his paw, a yellow sparkly glow surrounded it, with his magic he took the book and looked through it, Sparx then flew towards Spyro and curiously looked over his shoulder.

"What book is that?"

Spyro glared at the book, so interested he couldn't blink.

"The Serpent of the Ocean... Why does that sound so familiar?"

Spyro walked over to a table and sat down in one of the chairs, Sparx hovered over him and looked closely at the cover of the book, which had an illustration of a white scaled sea serpent. Spyro stared at the picture for a second.

"She looks familiar, who is she?"

Spyro opened the book and read the text out loud.

"Once upon a time, in the magical and mysterious ocean, the Sea of Serendipity, lived a mysterious sea serpent named Prawn, Prawn was the raiser of Prawn's moon, one of the two moons of Skylands, and is the best friend of the raiser of Claud's sun, Claud, who was a phoenix. Prawn had the ability to use her powers to control every being in all the sea, she would be able to control the moon to make waves and currents in the water, and had the ability to harness water in any way she desired."

"Prawn noticed that many residents in Skylands had always preferred the sun than the moon, she saw how so many people in Skylands enjoyed the beautiful day, but slept through her night, Prawn became very jealous of her friend, Claud, and soon, she couldn't take it anymore, and with the power of dark magic, Prawn transformed into a sinister and evil dark form, her beautiful white scales turned to a very dark blue, Prawn left the sea and went to find Claud, who resided in Volcano Island. After Prawn found her best friend, Claud was horrified at what she had become, she could not believe that she could become evil."

"Prawn and Claud fought for what seemed like forever for Claud, Prawn then vowed that she would flood the entire world with the ocean and cast a spell which would cover the entire world in eternal night, Claud knew that if Prawn flooded the world, anyone in Skylands who didn't have gills would drown, and the eternal night would destroy the worlds plants, giving them no sunshine to grow, Skylands would be in chaos, she knew she couldn't let that happen. Claud flew from the Volcano Island with Prawn chasing her, she flew as fast as she could to the Glade of Dreams, Claud ran to the black castle, she knew what she had to do, she ran inside the castle and headed her way to a room with walls covered entirely of stained glass art, of the creator of the universe, Amoura, a brown scaled dragon, with illustrations of space and stars and various planets, at the end of the room, was the Great Protoon, Claud ran for the Protoon and managed to grab it, Prawn, nearly out of breath, stood at the door to the room."

"Prawn looked up at her once-best friend, she looked her right in the eye. 'You can't do this, Prawn, not after what you did to me' she said, 'You can't do this.'"

"Prawn fired a beam of water out her mouth at Claud, Claud smashed through the stained glass and flew out the castle, Prawn dashed out the hole she made, as the two hovered above the Willow Woods, the two moons high above them, Claud knew she couldn't wait no longer. 'I'm sorry, my friend,' she said. 'But you have left me with no choice!'"

"The Protoon glowed so bright it looked like the sun, and the Protoon parted into nine crystals, the crystals were red, gray, yellow, light blue, brown, and purple colored, the purple one then glowed and formed a crown on Claud's head, it was a yellow crown with a purple star on it."

"The five remaining crystals glowed and so did the star on the crown, with a tear falling out Claud's eye, she unleashed a dark blue and gold blast onto Prawn. 'If I go...the Protoon will go!'"

In a flash of light, Prawn was banished to a far away tower in the distance, and the light faded away, Prawn was trapped within the tower, where she would sleep for all eternity, Claud looked, the five crystals and the crown she was wearing were gone, she looked over at the far away tower. 'The Tower of Lies...'"

"The Great Protoon was gone, even years after Prawn's banishment, no one could figure out where the Protoon was, but everyone knew it had to be found soon, or else Skylands would fade into darkness forever"

"For years, Claud had raised both Claud's sun and Prawn's moon. However, there is a prophecy, that one day Prawn will break free from the Tower of Lies and flood the world and bring upon eternal night. The prophecy has been a rumor for many years, but no one is sure if it is true or not."

As Spyro closed the book, he felt worried,

"What if that prophecy is true?"

Sparx just scoffed.

"Of course it's not true, it's just a rumor!"

"I don't know about that Sparx."

Spyro then had a worried look on his face.

"Come on, let's get out of here, the party will start soon."

It was nearly moonhigh, the people of Willow Woods were getting ready for the party, lights were strung over trees, tables of food were being brought out, and the head of the party, Smile Dog, was directing everyone.

"Alright, and those lights go on those three trees over there and these ones go on the one to the left."

Spyro walked towards Smile Dog with Sparx hovering by his side.

"Hi Smile Dog."

"Oh hi Spyro! We're almost done if the decorations to the party, we're also making cupcakes for the party!

Smile Dog then walked out the shop and towards a tree.

"Ughhhh, where's the others? They need to be here now!"

Spyro glared at the stressed Smile Dog.

"Come on Sparx, let's help them with the lights."

Sparx nodded.


Spyro used his magic and lifted a string of lights, Sparx grabbed onto on end and they wrapped it around a tree.

A few hours later, the party decorations were finished, lights hung over nearly every tree, and everyone seemed to be ready for the party.

Smile Dog climbed up to the top of the roof of his shop.

"Alright people, you ready for my biggest party yet?"

Everyone cheered, and the party began. Spyro then caught sight of his other friends, Sunburn, Tails, and Flashwing. Flashwing was a white dragon with purple gems for wings, and Tails was an orange kitsune with two tails. Tails walked up to Spyro with a smile.

"Hi Spyro, I'm so glad you made it!"

Flashwing flashed her bright gem wings.

"Come on, let's party!"

Spyro and his friends hung out and partied for hours, and hours. Later that night, it was almost midnight, and the party was over, Spyro was exhausted, he had never partied so much in his life before. He yawned, sounding nearly half asleep. He walked around in the city with Tails by his side.

"Where are me and Sparx gonna stay?"

Tails tugged on Spyro's wing.

"I think I know a place."

Tails then led the two into a giant hollow tree, inside had white colored steps leading up into the forest,

"These stairs are the ancient ruins of a castle that was once here, but it has since been destroyed, the steps are all that's left."

Tails then showed the two a small house.

"You guys can stay here, no one lives here."

Spyro stopped at the door.

"Thanks Tails, you're a big help."

By then Spyro sounded as if he was going to collapse.

"My pleasure."

Tails then flew down the steps and out the tree.

Spyro and Sparx went into the house, it was pretty empty, the first floor was nearly covered in dirt and plants, and there was a small pool of water in a corner, upstairs, there was a bed, and a corner with a shelf, but it was empty. Sparx flew around the house in awe.

"Wow, this place looks like no one's been here in years"

Spyro yawned.

"Yep, it looks very abandoned, we better get some rest, if he want to make it on time to the Skylander meeting tomorrow, that is."

Sparx nodded, and he hid under Spyro's wing, the two then quickly fell asleep.

Spyro woke up in an empty space, everything was black, there was nothing in sight.

"Sparx? Where are you? Where am I?"

Spyro then turned around, and he swore he saw the evil Prawn, the image of Prawn roared at him, before leaping at him.


Then, it disappeared.


Then Spyro heard music, loud, very annoying, music. Spyro then awoke.


He looked around, everything was normal.

"It must have been a dream."

Still shaking from the sight of the image of Prawn. Spyro looked out the window, and he saw there was no party going on.

"Huh, that's weird, then where is that music coming from?"

Spyro then looked out the window behind the small puddle in the corner, he saw a giant tree with holes in it, lights were flashing in the windows and holes and toilet paper was hanging from the branches.

"Ughhhhhh, I should have known..."

Spyro walked out the door and down the ancient castle steps, he walked out the huge tree and walked towards the Snoring Tree, one of the loudest most party filled places in all of the Glade of Dreams, Spyro angrily knocked on the door.

"Rayman!! Smile Dog!! Whatever sick joke you're playing it's not funny!"

Smile Dog then answered the door to a furious Spyro, steam was coming out his nostrils and he was on the verge of breathing fire on someone,

"SMILE DOG!!! Why in Eon's name are you having ANOTHER party this LATE at night!?"

Smile Dog blinked nervously.

"Ummm, it was Rayman and Galaxy's idea."

Spyro slammed Smile Dog to the side and walked inside.


In the room was a familiar face in the Glade, Rayman, Smile Dog's best friend, and the hero of the Glade of Dreams, created by the Nymphs to defeat the Nightmares, Spyro knew him all too well, Rayman was so famous that his heroic stories were even spread throughout the Dragon Realms. Rayman was a limbless anthropomorphic ichneumon, which explained why Spyro hated him so much, since ichneumon are known to be killers of dragons. Rayman was born with no limbs because of the lack of lums when the Nymphs created him.

Rayman looked at Spyro with a cheerful smile.

"Hi Spyro, wanna party?"

"Rayman!!!!! Don't you know that I have a really important Skylander meeting tomorrow!? And I f I don't get there in time I will be tardy, and I don't wanna be tardy, so you better turn that music down right now!!!!!"

Spyro screamed into Rayman's face.

"Yeah, whatever, he's yours, Galaxy"

Rayman walked off to get a drink. Galaxy, a purple tiger with a yellow star shaped pattern on her fur, along with black and gray wings with an orange horn tip and wore a black tiara and black crecent moon necklace, walked towards Spyro.

"Spyro, I know you have a meeting tomorrow, but, parties are very important to us, especially Smile Dog and Rayman, they're best friends you know."

Galaxy tried to calm Spyro down, but it barely worked.

"Fine, you have your stupid freaking parties, I need some rest!"

Galaxy then kicked Spyro out the door.

"Try to get a good rest, Spyro"

Rayman then popped his head out the window.

"Yeah, a good rest!"

Rayman then snickered and went back inside.

"I hate you!!!"

Spyro growled, and got up off the grass. He flew back to the house, and as he walked inside, he saw Sparx was still sleeping. He climbed back into the bed and closed his eyes. It was hours later, and he still couldn't sleep, it was that music, that annoying, loud, and horrible rap music that was coming from the Snoring Tree, Spyro looked at the clock, it was 4 AM.

"Darn it, I might as well not go to the meeting at all, I'll either late or extremely tired, ughhhh, it's all that stupid limbless thing's fault"

Spyro then got up from the bed and looked out the window, he then caught the sight of a familiar building, he looked far into the distance, and he saw a tall black tower, he mind went racing back to the image in the book of the Tower of Lies, it looked identical,

"Could it be?"

Then, in a flash of light, the windows shattered, glass flew everywhere, water was rising, the city was turning into an ocean, Spyro screamed, then, it went back to normal, and he opened his eyes, the windows weren't shattered, the city wasn't flooded, it was normal,

"Okay, I need some sleep."

He climbed back into the bed, and tried to get to sleep, he tried to put the horror of Prawn in the back of his mind, but he kept seeing that image of her in his mind, she had razor sharp teeth, and roared at him.

"Ughhh, I can't sleep, I better do something."

Spyro got up and walked to the shelf near the bed, he opened a bag of books he brought with him and started putting them on the shelf, then, the shelf moved.


Spyro grabbed onto the shelf, the shelf moved and revealed a secret passage.

"What's this?"

Spyro then walked hrough the passage, it led to a secret room, full of books.

"Wow, a secret room? Cool! There must be thousands of ancient spells in here!"

Spyro then walked up a flight of stairs and saw a small chest, he walked to the chest and opened it, inside was a pink colored orb, his mind went racing back to the picture in the book of the Great Protoon, what Claud used to defeat Prawn.

"Could it be? No, it can't."

Spyro then put the orb back in the chest.

"I'll explore more here tomorrow, I need sleep."

Spyro flew down the stairs back into the main room of the house.

Chapter Two: Awakened by DisasterEdit

It was morning, but there was no sunshine, the two suns could be barely seen behind all the clouds, Spyro yawned.

"it's morning! I better hurry to the meeting!"

Spyro then jumped off the bed and rushed out the door so fast he forgot about Sparx.

"Hey wait for me!"

Sparx then flew out the door to catch up with Spyro, who was rushing down the steps and out of the tree. Spyro then stopped, causing Sparx to crash into him.


Everything looked, different, there were no people out, it looked dead, the grass was dried up and brown, the trees were shedding leaves everywhere, cracked windows were everywhere on buildings, and the sky was darker than usual.

"What is going on?"

Spyro then walked to Smile Dog's shop, and knocked on the door.

"Hey Smile Dog?"

No one answered.

Sparx blinked.

"Maybe he's passed out in the Snoring Tree."

Spyro then walked through the gate and towards the tree, it too had falling leaves and cracked windows, Spyro knocked on the door.

"Smile Dog? Galaxy? Twinkle? Globox?"

No one answered.


Spyro's horns lit up with fire, and he charged the door down, the door fell over like cardboard, as if it was never even attached.

"Where is everyone?"

Spyro walked through the tree, he walked up the stairs and looked into every room, it was all empty.

Sparx then tapped on Spyro's wing.

"What about Galaxy's room?"

"We haven't checked there."

Sparx went into Galaxy's room, he saw Galaxy on the bed, shaking, and scared.


Spyro ran into the room.


Galaxy then reached up and hugged Spyro.

"Oh Spyro! I'm so glad you're here! I saw something."

Spyro's eyes widened.

"What did you see?"

"I saw a giant creature fly above the sky, it looked like a large snake, and it was a dark blue, it flew by so fast I couldn't see anymore than that. The creature took Twinkle and Rayman! We don't know what it wants with them, but it can't be good, so I hid in my room, praying it wouldn't take me."

Spyro's mind was racing. He thought in his head for a minute.

"Serpent, dark blue,"

Though he grinned just a little at the thought of Rayman being torn to pieces by a vicious creature, but his fear of Twinkle being in danger made his grin go away in an instant.

"No, it can't be"

Galaxy glared at him.

"Can't be what?"

Spyro then opened the door to the outside from the room, he flew out and climbed to the top of the tree, he looked over to the distance, and he saw the same tower he saw the night before, except it was cracked, and looked nearly destroyed.

"No, no, it can't be"

Galaxy then climbed towards the top, towards Spyro.

"What is it?"

"It's her, she's free."

Galaxy's mind was racing.

"Who's free?"


Chapter Three: The JourneyEdit

"Follow me."

Spyro led Galaxy to the library he found the book, but the book was gone.

"What? But I put the book right there."

He then walked outside.

"Galaxy, stay at my house, it's safer there."


Galaxy then walked to Spyro's house. It was getting even darker, the sky was almost pitch black, as Spyro walked through the empty city, he noticed puddles of water started to appear in places. He then stepped in one.


Spyro then looked at his reflection in the water, almost in an instant, his reflection turned into an evil grinning image of Prawn.


He screamed before running away from the puddle.


It was Tails, who was flying down from the sky. Spyro then hopped up and hugged him.

"I need you to come with me."


Spyro then followed Tails deep into the forest.


He stopped at a large pond, sitting around it were Sunburn, Flashwing, and a shaken and terrified Smile Dog, Spyro's friends from the party. Spyro then ran towards them.

"Guys! I'm so glad you're okay!"

Flashwing then stood up.

"We are glad you're okay too, but we're very afraid, we don't know what is going on."

Spyro then walked towards Smile Dog.

"Smile Dog! You're okay! Did you see any serpent creature fly above the city and take Twinkle and Rayman?"

"I think so, I saw it take them to a far away tower, I don't know anymore besides that."

"I think I may know what's going on."

Spyro then sat by the pond. Sunburn stood up.

"What is it?"

"The other day, before the party, me and Sparx were at a library, and I saw a book, and I read it, it told the story of the raiser of Prawn's moon, Prawn, and how she became jealous of her best friend, Claud, and turned evil, but Claud defeated and banished her to the Tower of Lies."

Tails' eyes widened.

"I think I know that story! Master Eon used to always tell it to us years ago."

"Yes, and there is a prophecy that Prawn would escape from the tower and flood Skylands with water and cast a spell which would bring eternal night."

Tails then realized that Spyro could be right.

"I think it is Prawn."

Flashwing then became very curious.

"How did Prawn get defeated by Claud?"

"She used the Great Protoon."

Tails then thought of something.

"The Great Protoon, I have an idea! If we can find the Great Protoon, we could use it to defeat her!"

Flashwing nodded.

"I say let's do it!"

Sunburn had mixed reactions.

"But where can we find the Great Protoon?"

"Oh right, I remember, in the story it said that after Prawn was defeated, the Protoon disappeared, and no one could find it."

Then, the reflections of the five Skylanders in the pond disappeared, and an image of Prawn appeared in the water.

The evil face of Prawn looked at the five Skylanders.

"Hahaha! It's the Skylanders! Ready to find the Great Protoon and defeat me? I think not!"

"What have you done to Twinkle!?"

Smile Dog jumped up.

"And Rayman!"

"They're in a place where no one can save them, haha! By the time the moon reaches the sky, it'll be the last time you'll ever see the sun! And this world will be my ocean, and I will rule all! HAHAHA!!"

Then, the image of Prawn disappeared, and the pond returned to normal. Her haunting voice sent chills down Spyro's spine.

Tails stood up straight.

"We have to find the Protoon, and fast!"

Spyro then jumped up.

"Wait! I remember something! Yesterday, at the house, I was putting some books on a shelf by my bed, then, I realized the shelf was a secret passage, and it led to a room full of books, it had some stairs, I went up the stairs and saw a chest, I opened it and inside was a giant orb, it looked just like the Protoon."

Tails' eyes widened.

"I want to see it."

At the house, Spyro showed his friends the secret passage, and the orb which looked like the Protoon.

"I don't know whether it is it or not, but we should take it with us, just in case"

Spyro then carefully picked the orb up, and gave it to Tails, who put it in a bag.

"Now what?"

Spyro flew down the stairs.

"Now we need to go to the Tower of Lies, she must be keeping Twinkle captive there."

Smile Dog then gave Spyro a nudge.

"And Rayman."

The five ventured in the direction of the tower, deep into the forest, the sky was completely black, with the only light being the moon, as the five ventured deeper and deeper in the forest, Spyro stopped in his tracks.

"I think we're close, I can smell it."

Tails then pointed to a large gate.


The gate was being held shut by a bunch of black colored vines with spikes

"This must be the entrance!"

Flashwing was skeptical.

"Well how do you know? It could be an entrance to anything."

"We'll just have to find out"

Spyro then blasted a wave of fire onto the vines, in a flash the vines turned to ash, Spyro then walked over and pushed the gate open. Spyro then led the five through the bushes, and they saw it, a huge black tower, nearly smashed and broken to pieces.

"This is it! The Tower of Lies!"

Spyro then leaped towards it. Tails tried to pull him back, but he was too fast.

"Spyro wait! It could be dangerous!"

Spyro then charged to the door, and pushed it open, he waited for the others and went in.

The five went up a flight of stairs to the top.

"Whew, that was a lot of stairs, look in here"

Spyro then led the five to a slightly open door, they went inside, it was a large empty room, a giant hole in the ceiling could be seen. At the end of the room there was a small fountain, Spyro walked over to the fountain, and saw his reflection turn to an image of Prawn, just like how it did in the puddle.


Spyro then leaped backwards in fright. The evil sea serpent Prawn emerged from the fountain.

"HAHAHA! So it looks like you actually made it, I'm suprised, the forests of Willow Woods can be awfully dangerous you know"

Prawn then shot a beam of magic at the group. Spyro then blasted a wave of fire at the beam, which made it burn up.

"Darn it!"

Prawn then took flight, and flew to the ceiling, her eyes glowed a dark blue, and the water from the fountain started to rise.

"Take this, Skylander!"

Prawn then created a huge wave out of the fountain water, the wave hit Spyro, causing him and his friends to be soaked in water, Flashwing then ran towards Prawn and fired her Crystal Shards at her, the shards hit Prawn, making her drop to the ground, Sunburn then teleported to her and blasted fire at Prawn, but she quickly got up and drenched him in a wave of fountain water, putting out his fire breath.

Tails then flew to her and shocked her with a swipe of his tail, Tails' electric power mixed with Prawn's water power made her even more vulnerable to the attack.

"I will NOT be defeated by some puny Skylanders!!!"

Prawn roared, making the floor shake, she then flew up and blast a beam of magic at Tails.


Tails yelled as he got hit and fell to the ground. Smile Dog then grabbed his axe and jumped up and swiped Prawn with it.


She then used her hooves to kick Smile Dog away. Tails then struggled to get up.

"Spyro, we need help!"

Spyro then knew it was time.

"Tails, get the orb, now!"

Tails then got the orb out of his bag and handed it to Spyro.

"Hahaha! You think the puny Great Protoon will stop me?"

Spyro gasped.

"Wait, so it is the Great Protoon?"

"Well of course it is, I never thought anyone would find it in the secret passage, but, oh well, it won't defeat me anyways!"

"It defeated you once, it can defeat you again.".

Spyro then flew up to the ceiling, his paw glowed with magic as he lifted the Protoon, the Protoon then started to glow, in a flash of light, the other five Skylanders felt more powerful

Tails shocked Prawn with his thunder bash, Sunburn scorched her with his fire, Flashwing attacked her with her crystal shards, Smile Dog whacked her with his axe.

"Ow ow ow!!"

Prawn could sense she was getting weaker.

"No, you can't defeat me, I am immortal!"

The Great Protoon then glowed brighter than ever before, it parted into five crystals. The crystals floated towards the five, the yellow, gray, brown, red, and light blue crystals turned into necklaces, Smile Dog wore the gray one, Sunburn the red one, Tails the light blue one, and Flashwing the brown one, the crystals on the necklaces were in shape of the Skylanders' Element symbols. The final remaining purple crystal formed into a crown on Spyro's head, a yellow crown with a purple star, Spyro felt like Claud, except even better.

"No, no, you can't"

The five unleashed the powers of the crystals and formed a giant dark blue and gold aura, the blast covered Prawn and sucked the dark Magic from her.


After the fight, the five Skylanders got up from the floor. Tails then got up.

"Ohhh, my head, what happened?"

Smile Dog jumped up and smiled cheerily.

"We did it, we defeated her!"

Spyro then got up from the floor, tired.

"We did? Yeah, we did!"

The five then saw the night fading away and the two suns rising from the giant hole in the ceiling.

"But look!"

Smile Dog pointed to Prawn laying on the floor, bruised and bleeding, except she wasn't the same Prawn, the power of the Protoon stripped her from her dark form, and now she had a white coat with a light blue mane. Spyro ran to her.

"Ow, what happened?"

Prawn got up, and shook her head.

"You're alright now, the evil in you is gone."

Prawn looked just like she did on the "Serpent of the Ocean" book cover. She was a white scaled sea serpent. She wore a crown, a silver crown with blue gems on it. On her neck, she wore a Superfast Jellyfish charm necklace, held by a small chain.

Sunburn then stood up.

"Now we just need to find Twinkle"

Prawn blinked. Rubbing her eyes with her hoof.

"I don't remember anything, and who is Twinkle?"

Spyro helped her up.

"She's a friend of ours, you took her when you were evil, we need to find her."

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything."

"It's alright, come on guys, let's find her."

The five walked through the tower, until they came across a room with many cages and cells, most of the cages had dead animal bodies inside them, making the room smell bad. Spyro then heard a high pitched voice.

"Help me!"

Spyro ran to where the voice was coming from.

"Twinkle? Is that you?"

"Yes it's me, please help me!"

Spyro pushed away a bunch of empty cages and found Twinkle.


He then smashed open her cage. Twinkle then jumped out into Spyro's arms.

"How did you find me?"

"It's a long story."

Spyro and his friends and Twinkle went outside the tower.

"You guys wait here, I'll get Prawn."

The others nodded as he went back inside.

"Prawn, come on, we're gonna take you home."

Spyro then led Prawn down the stairs, Prawn then heard a cracking noise, she then realized the stairs were cracking.

"Um, dragon, the stairs."

Spyro then looked down and saw the stairs were falling apart, then, the centuries old tower started falling apart.

"Go, run out the door!"

Prawn nodded and flew down the stairs and out the door. As Spyro was about to fly out the door with her, a giant pile of stone fell from the ceiling and blocked the entrance to the door.

"Darn it! Now what?"

Spyro then ran through the tower, trying to find any way of escaping, but every window and door was blocked by piles of stone, he then ran into a room, where he heard someone calling for help.

"Help me!"

"Who's there?"

Spyro ran to where the voice was coming from, he lifted a few stones and saw him.


"Please Spyro, help me, if you don't hurry the tower will collapse and I'll be dead!"

"Good! Please die! I hate you so much I would be jumping for joy if you ever died!"

Rayman frowned.

"But, why? What have I ever done to you?"

"You took my fame, you get all the credit for being the hero, when ME, SPYRO, the SKYLANDER, get's no fame whatsoever!"

"No fame whatsoever!? But you're one of the most recognizable Skylanders out there! Please just help me!!"

Spyro sat there for moment, the tower was about to collapse, if he were to leave Rayman to die, he would be seen as a heartless prick who doesn't deserve to be a Skylander.


He lifted the stones and ran out the room. Rayman quickly followed.

"Look! An exit!"

Spyro said as he saw a window, he grabbed Rayman by the hand and dragged him out the window, carelessly he threw Rayman out the window, only for him to be caught by Smile Dog, who smiles happily. Spyro flew out the window and landed on the ground.

"Come on, let's get out of here!"

Chapter Four: A New HomeEdit

Spyro, Prawn, and his five friends made it back, everything seemed normal again. The skies were sunny, people were around, and everything was happy again. The raiser of Claud's sun, Claud, had come to Willow Woods to reunite with her best friend. Prawn walked up to Claud.

"I'm so sorry I don't know what I was thinking."

Claud smiled.

"I forgive you, my friend."

"I guess I have to return to the Sea of Serendipity, and start raising the moon again."

Tears were streaming down Claud's face, it had been years since she last saw her, she was speechless.

"of course, Prawn."

Afterwards, Claud and Prawn had returned home, and life in Skylands was bright again. Spyro and his friends gathered in the city.

"Willow Woods is so beautiful, I wish I could stay, but I have to return to the Dragon Realms."

The Chronicler Ignitus then stepped forward.

"Ignitus! You came all the way here to see me?"

The light blue-scaled dragon elder smiled sweetly.

"Young dragon, I am so proud of you, I knew of the prophecy before I sent you here, and I just knew that you were the dragon to defeat Prawn, after all you've been through in the Dragon Realms, defeating Malefor, I thought that this quest would be a piece of cake for you."

Spyro chuckled.

"Well, it wasn't that easy, because I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for my friends!"

Spyro pointed one claw at his Skylander friends.

"I'm so glad you are learning how to work with others, Spyro, after all, being a Skylander is all about working as a team. I overheard you saying you want to stay here, but, you've been living in the Dragon Realms all your life, won't you miss the dragon elders?"

Spyro shrugged.

"Of course I'll miss the elders, but, I want to explore something new, the Glade of Dreams is almost as big as the Dragon Realms, you know, with just as many regions and homeworlds."

Ignitus smiled.

"This is your new home then!"

Tails then walked towards Spyro.

"Really? You're gonna live here? Great!"

All of Spyro's friends were excited about his new home.

"There's one problem, though"

Sparx blinked.

"What is it?"

"Shouldn't it be obvious?"

Smile Dog walked up to Spyro, with Rayman by his side.

"Thanks for saving my life Spyro, here's a box of chocolates!"

Rayman then threw a box of chocolates at Spyro.

"Oh, speak of the devil."

Smile Dog chuckled a little.

"Come on Sparx, let's get back to the house"

Sparx then grabbed Rayman's box of chocolates and started eating the chocolates.

"if Spyro doesn't want these then they're mine!"

Spyro and Sparx moved to the small house they stayed at, though they do miss the Dragon Realms, maybe just a little.

Later on, Spyro and his friends returned the Great Protoon to Polokus' abandoned castle, and was returned to castle in the same room Claud had fought Prawn. And finally, after many years, the Great Protoon was finally back where it belonged.

The end.

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