When Kaos discovers an ancient magical vault he opens it to be filled with magic. The magic allowed Kaos to carry out his evil plans without the Skylanders stopping him. However, little did he know that sixteen Skylanders were inside the magical vault. They woke up and attacked Kaos. After the battle the magic turned into a humongous creature and sent them all to Earth. It is now up to the Portal Masters to find these Skylanders, put them on the Portal of Power, and send them to Skylands were they will battle Kaos and the magic.

What's NewEdit

-Sixteen Elite Skylanders

-Sixteen new cores

-Eight Lightcores

-Eight returning Skylanders from Skylanders: Elementals


Elite Skylanders

-Cooler (Water)

-Mr. Octo (Water)

-Vine (Life)

-Titan Chompie (Life)

-Flameape (Fire)

-Lite (Fire)

-Evil (Undead)

-Phantomcorn (Undead)

-Crunchanator (Tech)

-Cyborg (Tech)

-Gang-Witch (Magic)

-Wandernubis (Magic)

-Angelrina (Air)

-Air Dragon (Air)

-E-Warroir (Earth)

-Rock Worm (Earth)


-Mage (Magic)

-Moistro (Magic)

-Freeze (Water)

-Thrist (Water)

-Boom (Tech)

-Spin Blades (Tech)

-Chowdown (Earth)

-Stone Roll (Earth)

-Smoky (Fire)

-Heatwave (Fire)

-S-Warroir (Undead)

-Atomination (Undead)

-Honey (Life)

-Chompy (Life)

-Thunder (Air)

-Vacoom (Air)


-Lightcore Mage (Magic)

-Lightcore Freeze (Water)

-Lightcore Spin Blades (Tech)

-Lightcore Stone Roll (Earth)

-Lightcore Smoky (Fire)

-Lightcore Atomination (Undead)

-Lightcore Honey (Life)

-Lightcore Air-Dragon (Air)

Returning Skylanders

-S2 Silent Viper (Magic)

-S2 Freezing Atalnticpion (Water)

-S2 Nasty Virus (Tech)

-S2 Slider Snape (Earth)

-S2 Flaming Burnleaf (Fire)

-S2 Creepy Darkness (Undead)

-S2 Super Walnutsplinter (Life)

-S2 Invincible Mist (Air)

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