Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy (Skylanders: EoP for short, and formerly known as Skylanders: Legends of Magic) is a series of fanfictions made by RayClaus which feature Skylanders and sometimes other characters, including crossovers. Some Skylanders from Skylanders: Battle of Magic appear, such as Tails and Smile Dog.


The series revolves around Spyro and his ten Skylander friends Sunburn, Tails, Flashwing, Smile Dog, Ridley, Stealth Elf, Trigger Happy, and Ember as they go on adventures in the Glade of Dreams and beyond in order to fulfill an ancient Arkeyan prophecy of a group of great heroes releasing the three Creators from their Great Protoon prison: Amoura, Polokus, and Crystalor.

Some of the stories have a sub-plot with Portal Master Claus and Rayman, two recurring crossover characters. Portal Master Claus also appears in the Claus and his Skylanders series, along with Ridley.

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  • The series was originally called "Legends of Magic", but it was changed to "Elements of Prophecy" since "Legends of Magic" sounded too similar to RayClaus' fanon Skylanders game, Skylanders: Battle of Magic.
  • Some characters belong to Master Masked Man, such as the Skylander versions of Ridley, and the Ultimate Chimera. He also owns Vecoline, Magiciano, and Drago.

Character concept artEdit

All of these were drawn by RayClaus.

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