Dimension Warriors

Thunder - "Bringing the Thunder!"

Lightning - "Ever Been Struck By Lightning?"

Brain Freeze - "Chill Out!"

Evaporaptor - "Blow Off Some Steam!"

Avalanche - "Rumble and Crumble!"

Rock Glide - "Slide N' Glide!"

Eclipse - "Don't Stare at an Eclipse!"

Kissappear - "Let it Blow!"

Clockwork - "Time Flies By!"

Brightbulb - "I Have a Bright Idea!"

Zombee - "Brains Are Not On the Menu!"

Shocker - "Don't Taze Me, Bro!"

Boiler - "Hot! Hot! Boiling!"

Moodini - "Mooove Out the Way!"

Snail-Poke - "Faster Than Snail's Pace!"

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