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Skylanders: Darkness Rising
Boxart unrevealed
Developer(s) Filthy Tekkyo Games
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) December 31, 2017
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Mode(s) Rookie, Specialist, Assassin, "YOUR DEAD, KIDDO!"
Rating(s) 4.5/5
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC
Series Skylanders: Divide
Predecessor Eon's Force
Successor Skylanders: Warfare

Introduction Edit

Skylanders: Darkness Rising is the 1st installment in the "Skylanders: Divide" AU timeline. It will bring back all versions of Skylanders throughout the canon games (Like Sensei, Trap master, Giant). Introducing new versions too. (Like Paladin (A sensi class), Assasin (Also a sensi class), and Rouge (Not a sensi class this time))

Story Edit

The story is that's Eon gets corrupted by a new enemy that is Darkness reborn called "Corruption". The Imaginators were taken by the people who were hypnotized by Noe (The corrupted eon.) like Blobbers, Brain, and Ember. So the Skylanders that were left remaining need recruits. So, some people signed up. And thus, we start the levels

Consoles Edit

The game is available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and PS4.

Senseis Edit

Fire- Flame-Flash, Quagfire, Slug Bomb, and Steam Breach (Duel Skylander)

Life- Foxglove, Overgloomth, Mushdoom, and Branch 'n' stone (Duel Skylanders)

Water- Overgrow (Duel Skylander), H2ROBO, Dread-oil, and Pailman

Undead- Infi-dead (Duel Skylander), Tryosaur, Hob'troublin', and Axedead

Dark- Shadow Lord Hardstop (Guest star, which is me), Shadoom, and Apolly-dawn (duel skylander)

Sound- Musicboy, and Nebu-Recess (Duel Skylander)

Light- Prismon, Crytalight, and Bright Fright (Duel Skylander)

Infinite- Brain, and Corruption (Duel Skylander)

Cyber- Two Sided Ceddreace (Guest Star), Reece (Guest star), and 404 (Duel Skylander)

Space- Cosmic Drive (Duel Skylander), and Cosmo-staro

Air- Dazoom, Zephazard (duel skylander), Kerosteam, and Gasosmog

Tech- Deviantart (Guest Star), Genesis, and Combustech (Duel Skylander)

Toxic- Smokescreen and Gas-dradoom (Duel Skylander).

Mystic- Mistrouble (Duel Skylander) and Grude Judge

Kaos- Kaos and U-mark.

Eon- Purification and Eon.

Levels Edit

The levels are missions that are sent missions by Kaos to stop Corruption and Noe, so if you have a certain flagship, there will be mIssion for the skylander of the element for a mission. You can come to Hugo to start the level/mission, or just go the the schedule bar to see what to do. If you complete all missions on every mode, you will be able to get a sneak peek at the new skylander game that FTG (Filthy Tekkyo Games)is making by pressing X instead of A on the Wii U.

1- Noe Prision Escape

  • Escape the prison
  • Trap the villains
  • Destroy the Swap Valut
  • Fly out of the prison with the motherboard
  • Kill the doomlander
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