Skylanders: Dark Legion is a game by Party Inc. and will be different from normal Skylanders game in the series because you don't actually play as the Skylanders. And no, you don't play as Kaos and his minions either. You make a character/Portal Master with traits resembling the Skylanders and fight them in Dark Form. (See Storyline.) It will be available on PC, then available on these consoles.

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4


(NOTE: I am not done with the storyline yet, and will add more soon.)

It all began when the skylanders were enjoying a well deserved vacation to the Enchanted Islands and it's 8 smaller islands. Little did they know Kaos had reports of Dark Powers lying deep in the Enchanted Islands, and decided to send minions there to mine out the resources. While all the skylanders were partying, the Dark Powers where released and took control of the Skylanders. Master Eon then saught out the Portal Masters and gathered the Ancient Story Scrolls and powered the Portal Master with Elemental Power resembling the Skylanders.


  • A/X: Jump
  • X/Square: Attack 1
  • B/O: Attack 2/Interact
  • Y/Triangle: Attack 3

Character Creation:Edit

Character creation is one of the key features to Skylanders: Dark Legion. It allows you to make a Portal Master with elements reflecting those the Skylanders posess. Note that while making your character the Personality and Weapon must come from the same element.




Spyro (Aggresive and Fierce)

Wrecking Ball (Playful and Happy)

Voodood (Stern and Fierce)

Double Trouble (Serious and Fierce)

Pop Fizz (Playful and Aggresive)

Ninjini (Stern and Serious)

Dune Bug (Happy and Stern)

Star Strike (Stern and Fierce)

Hoot Loop-UNLOCKABLE (Playful and Fierce)

Trap Shadow-UNLOCKABLE (Serious and Aggresive)

Weapon: Spyro (Flaming Fists)

Wrecking Ball (Tongue & Fists)

Voodood (Shaman Axe)

Double Trouble (Shaman Staff)

Pop Fizz (Potions)

Ninjini (Blades)

Dune Bug (Staff)

Star Strike (Magical Weapons)

Hoot Loop-UNLOCKABLE (Staff)

Trap Shadow-UNLOCKABLE (Shadow Fists & Trap)



Trigger Happy (Happy and Aggresive)

Boomer (Playful and Fierce)

Drill Sergant (Serious and Stern)

Drobot (Aggresive and Stern)

Sprocket (Serious and Fierce)

Bouncer (Happy and Aggresive)

Countdown (Happy and Fierce)

Wind-Up (Playful and Fierce)

Magna Charge-UNLOCKABLE (Happy and Stern)

Spy Rise-UNLOCKABLE (Stern and Aggresive)


Trigger Happy (Golden Guns)

Boomer (Dynamite)

Drill Sergant (Drill Fists)

Drobot (Laser Guns)

Sprocket (Wrench)

Bouncer (Guns)

Countdown (Bombs)

Wind-Up (Metal Fists)

Magna Charge-UNLOCKABLE (Arm Cannon)

Spy Rise-UNLOCKABLE (Wrist Weapon)


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