Skylanders: Creation
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Developer(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Publisher(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Release Date(s) June 9 2015
Genre(s) Sandbox
Rating(s) G
Platform(s) Tablet

Android IPod Touch IPhone

Series Skylanders
Predecessor None
Successor None

Skylanders: Creation is an app for the Skylanders series.


Make your own world of Skylands! Follow the blueprints for the real levels, or make your own and share them to the world! Import them in your game! There's an endless world of possibilities with Skylanders: Creation!


Start of GameEdit

  • Island
  • Mabu
  • House
  • Chompy
  • Elemental Gate (Magic/Water/Tech)
  • Locked Gate
  • Key
  • Cannon
  • Bounce Pad

After finished Shattered Island blueprintsEdit

  • Elemental Gate (Life)
  • Drow
  • Chompy Pod
  • Sheep

After finished Perilous Pastures blueprintsEdit

  • Elemental Gate (Earth/Undead)
  • Spellpunk (Air)
  • Goliath Drow

After finished Sky Schooner Docks blueprintsEdit

  • Elemental Gate (Air)
  • Windbag Djinni
  • Eternal Air Source

After finished Stormy Stronghold blueprintsEdit

  • Gillman
  • Elemental Gate (Fire)
  • Blaster Troll
  • Spellpunk (Tech)

After finished Oilspill Island blueprintsEdit

  • Nauteloid
  • Blastaneer
  • Squidface Brute
  • Spellpunk (Water)
  • Twin Water Spouts

After finished Dark Water Cove blueprintsEdit

  • Hob 'n' Yaro
  • Leviathan
  • Eternal Water Source

After finished Leviathan Lagoon blueprintsEdit

  • Molekin
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops Mammoth

After finished Crystal Eye Castle blueprintsEdit

  • Spellpunk (Earth)
  • Rock Walker
  • Stone Golem
  • Eternal Earth Source

After finished Stonetown blueprintsEdit

  • Spellpunk (Life)
  • Tree Folk

After finished Treetop Terrace blueprintsEdit

  • Eternal Life Source

After finished Falling Forest blueprintsEdit

  • Lava King
  • Gun Snout
  • Flame Imp
  • Mine
  • Rocket Imp
  • Trollverine
  • Map

After finished Troll Warehouse blueprintsEdit

  • Goo
  • Flags
  • Mega Bomb

After finished Goo Factory blueprintsEdit

  • Eternal Tech Source
  • Troll Super Tank

After finished Battlefield blueprintsEdit

  • Skull Mask
  • Spider Swarmers
  • Spider Spitters
  • Fat Belly Spiders
  • Moon Widow
  • Gargantula
  • Chandelabra

After finished Crawling Catacombs blueprintsEdit

  • Spell Punk (Undead)
  • Rhu-Barb
  • Rhu-Baby
  • Rotting Robbie
  • Bone 'n' Arrow
  • Skeleton Key

After finished Cadaverous Crypt blueprintsEdit

  • Eternal Undead Source
  • Shadow Knight
  • Evil Imp Minion
  • Evil Witch Minion
  • Evil Knight Minion

After finished Creepy Citadel blueprintsEdit

  • Rocker Walkers

After finished Molekin Mine blueprintsEdit

  • Eternal Fire Source
  • Spell Punk (Fire)
  • Evil Pyro Archer
  • Evil Phoenix Dragon
  • Evil Eruptor

After finished Lava Lakes RailwayEdit

  • Quicksilver
  • Arkeyan
  • Arkeyan Blaster
  • Gnasher
  • Spell Punk (Magic)
  • Arkeyan Defender
  • Arkeyan Ultron

After finished Quicksilver Vault blueprintsEdit

  • Eternal Magic Source
  • Arkeyan War Machine
  • Defense Drone
  • Control Tower

After finished all Spyro's Adventure blueprintsEdit

  • Core of Light

After finished all Giants blueprintsEdit

  • Dreadyacht

After finished all Swap Force blueprintsEdit

  • Mt. Cloudbreak
  • Super Bounce Pad

After finished all Trap Team blueprintsEdit

  • Villain Vault
  • Golem (Light)
  • Golem (Dark)
  • Darkclops
  • Glow-Worm

After finished Flash Tower blueprintsEdit

  • Scarab Swordfighter
  • Golem (Earth)
  • Golden Sphinx

After finished Cave of DOOM! blueprintsEdit

  • Golem (Undead)
  • Grim Reaper

After finished Funeral Ambush blueprintsEdit

  • Jail Cell
  • Mania Spirit
  • Madness Master

Afrer finished Terror Prison blueprintsEdit

After finished all Elemental Masters blueprintsEdit

  • Magic Sucker-Upper

After finished all Labyrinth Runners blueprintsEdit

  • Labyrinth

After finished all Dream Team blueprintsEdit

After finished all Relic Guardians blueprintsEdit

After finished all Cryptid Clan blueprintsEdit

After finished all blueprintsEdit

  • Portal of Power


  • Shattered Island (Complete the Shattered Island blueprint)
  • Perilous Pastures (Complete the Perilous Pastures blueprint)
  • Sky Schooner Docks (Complete the Sky Schooner Docks blueprint)
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