Skylanders: Alchemist is an installment to the Skylanders Series. In this, there are all new Alchemist Skylanders, who can mix certain things together which you will need to complete the game.


Once a group of regular scientists, the Alchemists were known for mixing chemicals together for making amazing things. Once, they made the mistake of using their own DNA in their experiments, and were infused with elements. Eon made them Skylanders and helped them control their newfound abilities.


Reposed SkylandersEdit

  • Repeated Double Trouble
  • Experimental Pop Fizz
  • Archeology Bash
  • Solar Flashwing
  • Surfer Zap
  • Cetacean Chill
  • Phoenix Sunburn
  • Canine Hot Dog
  • Cyborg Drobot
  • Construction Sprocket
  • Pac-Man Ghost Roaster
  • Joust Fright Rider
  • Shellshock Warnado
  • Raptor Jet-Vac
  • Melon Camo
  • Mario Shroomboom


  • Rain Cycle
  • Chain Reaction


New Core SkylandersEdit


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