Skylanders DNA fusion is the fourth game in the skylanders series. It requires a new portal with two spouts that you put two skylanders on and it fuses them


Skylands' best scientists have invented cloning and clone fusion technology and have adapted it into portals. Kaos wants this new technology and stole it. He shall use this new technology to take over Skylands

Fusion SkylandersEdit

DNA fused skylanders have no special abilities beyond fused moves of their "parents." You can use giants and swap force but you can only use orginal swaps.

Water . Swordfish General (Riptide and Gill Grunt)

. Tsunami Crush (Riptide and Wham-shell)

. Icey Fistwhale (Riptide and Slam Bam)

. Hundred Volt Rapier (Riptide and Zap)

. Dagger Narwhal (Riptide and Chill)

. Hammerpunk (Riptide and Punk Shock)

. Leviaslam (Riptide and Thumpback)

. Flood Swordsman (Riptide and Wash Buckler)

. Frozen Edge (Riptide and Freeze Blade)

. Barucuda Shocker (Punk Shock and Gill Grunt)

. Electro-Armor (Punk Shock and Wham-shell)

. Ice Bomb (Punk Shock and Slam Bam)

. Ultra-Electro Whipmaster (Punk Shock and Zap)

. Electro Freeze (Punk Shock and Chill)

. Electrorca (Punk Shock and Thumpback)

. Shock Captain (Punk Shock and Wash Buckler)

. Frozen Wire (Punk Shock and Freeze Blade)

. Chill Soldier (Chill and Gill Grunt)

. Cold Armor (Chill and Wham-shell)

. Ice Gladiator (Chill and Slam Bam)

. Cold Crackle (Chill and Zap)

. Shiverback (Chill and Thumpback)

. Inky Glacier (Chill and Wash Buckler)

. Ice Skates (Chill and Freeze Blade)

. Shock Sergeant (Zap and Gill Grunt)

. Crustaceo Electro (Zap and Wham-shell)

. Yeti Blast (Zap and Slam Bam)

. Electrus Maximus (Zap and Thumpback)

. Tentashock (Zap and Wash Buckler)

. Chill Gill (Zap and Freeze Blade)

. Wham Sniper (Slam Bam and Gill Grunt)

. Yeti Shell (Slam Bam and Wham-shell)

. Bamsquatch (Slam Bam and Thumpback)

. Squid Snowman (Slam Bam and Wash Buckler)

. Ice Crafter (Slam Bam and Freeze Blade)

. Crush Shooter (Wham-shell and Gill Grunt)

. Bam Anchor (Wham-shell and Thumpback)

. Cutlass Crab (Wham-shell and Wash Buckler)

. Crustaceo Cryo (Wham-shell and Freeze Blade)

. Blowhole Blaster (Gill Grunt and Thumpback)

. Tentacle Commander (Gill Grunt and Wash Buckler)

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