Story Edit

The beast Skylanders are Skylanders that were protectors of the animals. They were ones that were given special gifts. One day when a strange evil rose and tried to take over the lands. The beast stopped them. They defeated them but were washed away by a magic mist. Now they are back and ready for action.

Fire Characters Edit

King Shishi: Beast

Tribe Tanner: Beast

Fire-Fighter: New Core

Firebrand: New Core

Wing Warrior: New Core

Volcanic Flame Sunburn: Repose

Fire Cannon Eruptor: Repose

Ignitor: Lightcore

Tan: Sunburn Mini

Spark Shoot: Flameslinger Mini

Water Characters Edit

Beave Cleave: Beast

Sea Seal: Beast

Spin Cycle: New Core

Stem Cell: New Core

Cool Zone: New Core

Grand Bolt Zap: Repose

Super Slam Riptide: Repose

Punk Shock: Lightcore

Cool: Chill Mini

Bam-Bam: Slam Bam Mini

Tech Characters Edit

Grouncog: Beast

Raker Rabbit: Beast

Wrecker: New Core

Rust Crust: New Core

Oil Slick: New Core

Atomic Countdown: Repose

Mystic Trigger Happy: Repose

Boomer: Lightcore

Drill Soldier: Drill Sergeant Mini

Twister: Wind-Up Mini

Undead Characters Edit

Skull Bull: Beast

Zombra: Beast

Ghoulina: New Core

Black Shadow: New Core

Hoodoom: New Core

Shocx Cynder: Repose

Ghoul Eater Ghost Roaster: Repose

Chop-Chop: Lightcore

Cut-Cut-Chop-Chop Mini

Stroller Brawl: Roller Brawl Mini

Earth Characters Edit

Score Ore: Beast

Badger Bash :Beast

Crumbler: New Core

Rock Ron: New Core

Dog Pound: New Core

Golden Winged Bash: Repose

Meteor Crash Dino-Rang: Repose

Scorp: Lightcore

Drool Gum: Slobber Tooth Mini

Crystal Shatter: Prism Break MIni

Life Characters Edit

Bug Juice: Beast

Squirrel Hurler: Beast

Rabbit Roller: New Core

Bruce Juice: New Core

Decarrot: New Core

Mallet Stump Smash: Repose

RPG Zook: Repose

Stealth Elf: Lightcore

Stump Chump: Stump Smash Mini

Tussle Seed: Food Fight Mini

Air Characters Edit


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