Skyheroes is a remake of the Skylander takes place 1,000 years after Skylanders Time Warpers.

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1,000 years ago the most deadly battle happened to the Skylanders there was no turning back.

500 years ago after a 500 year battle between Kaos and the Skylanders Kaos won.

300 years ago most of the Skylanders left besides 8. Spyro,Jet-Vac,Camo,Prism Break,Chop-Chop,Countdown,Hot Dog,and Gill Grunt.

100 years ago Kaos and Eon died. Plus High Five returned

50 years ago the 8 Skylanders that stayed ruled over.

20 years ago a new evil and good was born Sky and Fear

10 years ago a new group of heroes was born the Skyheroes

5 years ago Fear spread fear throughout Staria (New Skylands).

Present now they need your help.

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