."The Fix is In!"

Shatterbot Sprocket is the Series 2 version of Sprocket in Skylanders: Dual Strikers. She is of the The Element.

WOW Pow Edit

Because this Skylander exists in the very first game of my series, she will only have one WOW Pow.

This WOW Pow is called "Robo Transformation."

This Upgrade gives Sprocket 13 Upgrades in one. The 1st Upgrade is she turns into a Robot. The other 12 is weapons she can put on her hand and use to fire Homing Rockets, Grenades, and Destruction Lasers. With this, Sprocket is the most powerful.

Trivia Edit

  • The creator got this idea from a game he used to play called "Shatterbot". The two being compared, they look alike.
  • Activision mistankenly did this: Sprocket is a female, but i Robot form, she is male.
  • Her Series 2 Toy gives her the Monkey Wrench Upgrade.
  • Strangely, when placed on the Portal, she won't have any weapon. All she does is build a tank.
    • The thing that is really weird is, when playing on the Bridge of Altias, she is given Gill Grunt's harpoon gun.
    • To replace her wrench, she jumps on enemies to injure them. This doesn't happen with other skylanders.
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