``Be Evil!´´


-The Game Tagline´s

This Game is part of the Skylanders and Sealanders Adventures Saga.

Story Edit

The prophecy says:

``The day in wich The Universe must be in danger, nine blacksmiths rise from the shadows and create 18 powerful weapons, The Primal Weapons, and then they must send them to a remote galaxy where 18 heroes can find them and destroy all the evil, but these heroes should not forget, that the weapons can corrupt their souls and may they can destroy themselves´´

But, long ago in The Universe, existed a magical orb named Crystanium, who had so much power to destroy the entire Universe, The Crystanium was guarded by a race called Primigenials.

But one day, The God of Destruction, who wanted to be king of all the Universe tried to steal the orb and he fails, but he promised that he will destroy the world of The Primigenials and steal the orb in the future.

Then, The King ordered the best blacksmiths to destroy The Crystanium, but just when the blacksmiths were preparing to destroy The Crystanium, The Order Goddess appeared and told them that they were the nine blacksmiths of the prophecy.

Then the blacksmiths build The Primal Weapons and sent them to a far galaxy, and centuries later the weapons were found...

Sealanders Edit

Galaxy Villains: Edit

SunFire (Galaxy Villain)

Core Sealanders: Edit

Fire: Edit

Inferna (Core)

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