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"Bright as the Sun!"
—Scorchwing official catchphrase
Basic Stats
Attack 78 (max. 130)
Defense 46 (max. 100)
Speed 23 (max. 147)
Luck 150 (max. 200)
Other attributes
Element Fire
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders: Battle of Magic
Scorchwing is one of the new Core Skylanders in Skylanders: Battle of Magic. He is a red and purple colored Chinese dragon of the Fire Element.


Scorchwing was born on June 1st in Foggy Forest. His egg fell out of the nest on a windy day. A frog named Malvus found his egg, and 3,000 years later, it hatched. Like all Eastern dragons, Scorchwing was a water snake when he was first born. One day, when Scorchwing was exploring the forest, he found a red and gold chest, he opened it, and inside was a red fire pearl, Scorchwing then started to learn more about the pearl, and soon, he was able to control its powers. 2,000 years later, when Scorchwing became a full grown dragon, he found out that he was born with a birth defect that gave him four claws on his front legs and three claws on his hind legs. Malvus taught Scorchwing how to fly and took him to Artisans City. When Torch became 3,000 years old, he grew small purple wings, enhancing his flight. Scorchwing then became a Skylander after saving Artisans from an army of chompies. Scorchwing later moved to Volcano Island.


Starting Powers

  • Flame Blast: Press attack 1 to breathe a blast of fire.
  • Fire Pearl: Throw a red pearl into the air that unleashes fireballs. 

Basic Upgrades

  • Eternal Flame: Flame Blast lasts forever.
  • More Fire: The Fire Pearl unleashes more fireballs.
  • Fire Flight: Press 3 to fly. Increased speed and defense while flying. 

More will be added soon.



  • Scorchwing's very first name was Blaze, but he was renamed to Torch, then, when the real Torch Skylander in Trap Team was revealed, he was renamed again to Scorchwing to prevent confusion with the real Skylander.
  • His name is similar to Flashwing.
  • He has a similar design to Fire Kraken, being both Chinese dragons of the Fire Element.
  • Scorchwing having 150 luck on his stats is a reference to how Chinese dragons typically represent good luck.
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