"Keep in the Shadows!"                                                           Scissor Kick's official catchphrase.

Scissor Kick is a ninja skylander who will be released alongside Skylanders: DaGeDar Avatars. He is of the Air element, and will be in the Mega Pack.



Scissor Kick is a skillful ninja, but no one has ever seen him. He tends to keep in the shadows. He plays this trick to get food. He will hide in the nearest tree, and watch them eat their food. Then, when the skylander is not looking, he will drop from his tree, snatch the skylander's meal, and immediately run back up to his tree. What a tricky trickster!


Scissor Kick, founder of the Sneaklanders Hideout, comes from a long line of thieves. His father was a thief. His mother didn't approve of thieves, so when Scissor Kick was born, his father destroyed his wife as soon as he was born. His father trained Scissor Kick to be a master thief, and now that he is a teen, he is a master thief. One night, when he was stealing food from Eon's castle. he was caught by Eon. Eon was amazed at how all these days he was never caught by anyone, so he became a skylander, and dashed out of Eon's castle, leaving only a chicken wing and a half eaten sandwich.



Scissor Kick can slash enemies with his glowing swords, throw smoke bombs, and turn invisible.


Strength: 230

Defense: 100

Aglitity: 250 (MAX)

Luck: 250 (MAX)


Sword Slash- Primary Attack- Slash with your swords.

Smoke Bomb- Secondary Attack- Throw smoke bombs to blind enemies.

Basic Upgrades

Double the Glow- Swords glow even more and do increased damage.

Hey! I'm on Fire!- Smoke Bombs not only blind enemies, they injure enemies too, by turning into fire.

Ghost???!!!- Press Attack 3 to turn invisisible, and enemies will be unaware that you are there.

Double Range- Swords to even more damage and you can throw them by holding Attack 1.


Best of the Samurai

Scissor Kick Combos- Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and hold Attack 2 for Shockwave Sword, press Attack 1, Attack 1, and hold Attack 3 for Aerial Spin.

Lightning Storm- Swords do MAXIMUM damage when performinf Shockwave Sword combo.

Sent to a Dimension- Hold Attack 2 to make a portal that sucks small and medium sized enemies into a dimension.

Shadow Master

Seperate Smoke Bombs- Press Attack 2 and hold Attack 3 to kick a smoke bomb and turn it into six.

Bowling Bombs- Hold Attack 3 to roll a smoke bomb for it to get bigger, and explodes when it hits an enemy.

Invisible Agent- Press Attack 1, Attack 2, Attack 3 to disappear, leaving only a shadow.

Soul Gem- Inside a Smoke Bomb- Remain indie a smoke bomb that gives out a poison mist that destroys enemies.

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