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Before he became Scareoh, He was a ninja. The best ninja in all Skylands, The Ninja King. He defeated all that threatened his kingdom. But then, one fateful day, he was challenged by a wizard who wanted to rule the kingdom of the ninja. The Ninja King bested him easily, as he did to all his opponents. However the wizard had one more trick up his sleeve. He pretended to be unconscious, and when the king's back was turned, he stuck a mystical amulet on his back. The amulet transformed him into a mummy, teleported him to a distant pyramid, and trapped him in a million year sleep. Thousands of years later, adventure seeking Drow entered his pyramid. Grabbing as much treasure as they could, they ran, bumping Scareoh's (for that was who he then was) sarcophagus. The amulet was dislodged from his back, and he awoke! Using he skills as a ninja, and his newfound skills as a mummy, Scareoh defeated the tomb robbers and ventured out into Skylands. Stumbling upon a desert city that was being ransacked by villains, he defeated them, earning the attention of the Overseer, who promptly recruited him.

Art by Joltzen[]


Attack 1-Wrap Slap: Perform a melee attack with your bandages

Attack 2-Ninja Smoke: Throw a smoke bomb that does small damage and slows enemies

500 Gold-Better Bandages: Wrap Slap does more damage

700 Gold-Tomb Trap: (Attack 3) Creates a tiny pyramid mine that damages enemies that touch it.

900 Gold-More Smoke: Smoke Bombs have a bigger effect range

1200 Gold-Ninja Skillz: Health and Armor increased

Mummy Master Path

1700 Gold-Pointy Pyramids: Tomb Traps do more damage

2200 Gold-Tomb Toss: Traps knock enemies into the air

3000 Gold-Pyra-minefield: Summon 3 Obelisk Traps around you

Ninja King Path

1700 Gold-Thick Fog: Smoke Bombs do more damage

2200 Gold-Poison Smoke: Ninja Smoke slows and poisons enemies

3000 Gold-Double Bomb!: Throw two Smoke Bombs at once that do more damage!

Soul Gem

4000 Gold-Mummification! Hold Attack 1 to spin around, stunning and damaging all enemies near you