Road Dent was a core skylander in Skylanders Dual Strikers, and is a reposed skylander in Skylanders: Terrable Two. He is of the Undead element, and he will be in a Wave 2 Triple Pack with Feather Fury and Stink Bonk. He evolves into his evolved form, Claw Razor


Road Dent came from a rodent tribe known as the Tasmanian Terrors. These terrible mice picked on other skylanders and bullied them. It was one morning when Saphlier put a spell on Road Dent. She turned Road Dents evilized black heart into a saphier. That saphier changed Road Dent forever. So he quit his role in the Tasmanian Terrors, beated them to a pulp, and followed Saphlier to Master Eon, who made Road Dent a skylander, and then apologized to every skylander he picked on. 


Road Dent can slash with his claws, produce an army of mice, and thunderclap. His wow pow is evolving into Claw Razor.


Strength- 270

Defense- 280

Agility- 100

Luck- 45 


Fisty Claws- Primary Attack- Scratch with your claws.

Carbon Copy- Secondary Attack- Clone yourself. You can clone up to 5 rats.

Basic Upgrades

War of the Mice- Hold Attack 2  to summon about 100 mice.

Thunderclaw- Press attack 3 to thunderclap.

Fang Brawl- Hold Attack 1 to Mega Slam.

Screech til you Drop- Press Attack 1 and hold Attack 3 to sonic screech.


The True Tassmanian Terror-

Road Dent Combo's- Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and hold Attack 2 for Spin Slash, Press Attack 1 Attack 1 and hold Attack 3 for Telepunch.

Deadly Screech- Screech does more damage.

Hissing Bite!- Hold down Attack 3 to screech and bite enemies.


Thunder Shield- hold attack 3 to shield yourself from enemies.

Rolling Thunder- Hold Attack 1 and Press Attack 2 to roll and power slam.

Wrath of Vampirat- Press Attack 1, Attack 2, and hold Attack 3 to summon the spirit of Vampirat. Does MAXIMUM DAMAGE.

Soul Gem- Finish the Job- Every time you punch enemies, it will shock them.

Wow Pow- Evolve into Claw Razor- Evolve into Claw Razor!! New attacks, new looks, and new personality! 

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