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Quixsand V3

Species: Sand Beast
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Role: Core
World: Storming Desert
Appears in: Skylanders: Aqua Squad
Attacks/Actions: Sand Shot
English Voice Actor: Mark hamill
"That Sinking Feeling,"
    —Quixsand's official catchphrase

Quixsand is a new core skylander of the Earth element from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is a sand monster with an arm cannon.


Quixsand is a fairly large pile of sand with thick, spiked armor on his shoulders. His notable features are his glove, arm cannon, and belt with the Earth element symbol. Important facial features include big, hollow eyes, long eyebrows, and a single buck tooth on his bottom lip.


Quixsand lived in a land known as the "Storming Desert". He was busy scouting when he noticed a gang of Greebles searching for a powerful weapon. Quick to react, he charged recklessly. The Greebles defeated Quixsand. When it looked like it was all over, Terrafin, who had noticed the chaos from afar, jumped in to help. He sent all of the baddies running in fear.

Terrafin then let Quixsand keep the arm cannon. He recruited him as a Skylander.

Stats Edit

POWER - 150/200

ARMOR - 180/200

AGILITY - 80/200

LUCK - 30/200


Sand Shot

Press Attack 1 to shoot streams of sand


Press Attack 2 to turn into a quicksand that swallows smaller enemies


Press Attack 3 to morph into one of three different sand forms

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