Quake ShakeEdit

Quake Shake is the Earth element core skylander realesed alondside Skylanders Party. He is in the Starter Pack.


Pre Upgrades:

Dino Stomp

Press Attack 1 to stomp the ground.

Ultra Roar

Press Attack 2 to roar

Visible Upgrades:

Prehistoric Trail

Hold Attack 1 to make a trail and let go to create an explosion.

Extra Power

Ultra Roar does increased damage.


Press Attack 3 to spawn baby dinosuars.

Double Stomp

You can now stomp with both feet.


"Go Big or Go Home!"

Living in Pre-Historic Skylands, Quake Shake was the king of all dinosaurs, and he was also the scariest T-Rex anyone has ever seen. One day, when Quake Shake was drinking choclate from the chocolate ocean, a portal appeared out of nowhere. He stepped on it and transported to Troll Home Security! All trolls begane to attack Quake Shake, but Quake Shake made the quickest work of those trolls and messed up the island for good. Eon saw the whole thing and made Quake Shake a skylander, and then proceeded to cook the trolls and eat them for dinner.

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