Appearance Edit

Psycho is an orc. He wears a black cloak with neon blue stripes. He holds a big silver spoon with purple magic surrounding it.

History Edit

Psycho used to be a magician. He held shows every twice a week. One day, while he was performing, he found out that one of his audience was one of the mage masters. After the show, he asked the mage why he was here. The mage replied that he came here as he heard a magician with unbelievable magic. That magician was Psycho. The mage asked him if he wanted to be taught the ancient arts of the mages. Psycho accepted his offer and retired the job of being a magician.

After two years of training, Psycho mastered all of the ancient arts and surpassed his master. He then went back home and saw his town being under attacked by the Chompy Mage and his army of chompies. He used the ancient spoon martial arts he was taught and defeated the Chompy Mage and his army of chompies. After that, his town was saved and had a celebration. His master joined the celebration as well. Eon heard this and came to Psycho after the celebration was over. Psycho was with his master. Eon asked Psycho if he wanted to join the Skylanders as the ancient evil army has resurrected and he needed Psycho's bravery and magic. Psycho looked at his master, his master nodded and Psycho accepted the offer and became a Skylander!

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