Created By: TheShadowCraft

Catchphrase Edit

"I'm gonna give you a spoonful of my power!"

Info Edit

Species: Orc

Gender: Male

Element: Magic

Role: Skylander

World: Skylands

Appearance Edit

Psybold is an orc mage. He wears a black cloak with neon blue stripes. He holds a large spoon with purple magic surrounding it.

Background Edit


Psybold is a good, strong and bold orc. He would always donate half of his money every once a week to the poor and he would help others who are in need.


Psybold used to be a magician in his town. He held shows every twice a week. One day, while he was performing, he notice that one of his audience was one of the Mage Masters. After the show, Psybold asked what he was doing here. The mage replied that he was here to see the Orc magician with unbelievable magic. That orc magician was Psybold. The mage asked if he wanted to be taught the ancient martial arts of the mages. Psybold accepted his request and retired the job of being a magician.

After two years past, Psybold managed to learn every single martial art and even surpassed his master. After the day he mastered the last martial art, he went back to his village shocked as the Chompy Mage and his army of chompies stealing all of the fresh fruits from his village and destroying anybody in his way. Psybold got mad and defeated them with the ancient magic spoon martial art. After they fled, the villagers celebrated and made Psybold their leader.

Upon hearing this, Pop Fizz went to his village and asked him to join the Skylanders as they needed help defeating The Dark Empire. Psybold looked at his master, his master nodded his head. Psybold accepted the request but he gave the leadership back to the previous leader and joined the Skylanders!

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