"A shell of a time!'

- Pinch's catchphrase

Pinch is a new Aquad Squad Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad . He is of the water element. He takes on the appearance of a large lobster on two feet.


Pinch has a deep red skin tone with a large shell on his back. He is very muscular, with huge sharp claws and a pair of swimming trunks with a tropical pattern covering his two legs. He bears resemblance to many real lobsters, with the exception of standing on two feet.


Pinch loved stories. His mother enjoyed telling him old sailor tales as a young lobster. He had no idea his vivid fantasies of becoming a world-famous sailor would ever become reality. Yet one day, many years later, a monstrous storm separated him from his family. Now, he needed to face the world alone. More determined than ever, he soon became the most popular sailor of all time. Not long after, the Aqua Squad took him in as a trainee. With much hard work and perseverance, Pinch turned into an honored member, one of the Big 16. After the destruction of Atlantis, he sought out Eon for help, who made him a Skylander.


POWER - 280/300

ARMOR - 300/300

AGILITY - 90/300

LUCK - 180/300


Wham Shell:

Wham Shell is sort of like a little brother to Pinch. The two like to train daily by the fountain in Skyscape City. Despite this, Wham Shell can sometimes become angered or feel jealousy towards him, being smaller and less respected.


Claw Clamp

Press Attack 1 to smash your opponents with your huge claws

Gaia Toss

Press Attack 2 to pick up items and throw them for heavy damage

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