"Detect and Reflect!"
    —Pharodox's Official Catchphrase

Pharodox is an Arkeyan Juggernaut, who is a new Core in Skylanders: Color Shifters. He also makes a return as a reposed Skylander in Blind's All Star Knockout!!. He is of the Magic element, and has six other palletes.

MagicSymbolSkylanders Pharodox MagicSymbolSkylanders
Species: Arkeyan Juggernaut
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: Core
World: Parallel World, Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Color Shifters
Blind's All Star Knockout!!
Attacks/Actions: Mirror Laser, Killer Eye
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Skylanders: Color Shifters

Appearance Edit

As stated before, he looks like and is an Arkeyan Juggernaut, with the same model from Skylanders: Giants. However, he is a tiny bit smaller in size, and uses a bronze, rectangle mirror as his weapons. His default color is mainly red with other designs being orange.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Pharodox sees himself as the "Royal One", and therefore thinks he is much better than other Skylanders. While his pals respect this, they still find his vanity rather annoying. However, Pharodox knows when to get serious, and will put his vanity out of the way to help others!

Biography Edit

Pharodox was one of the Royal Arkeyan Guards of the Desert, a group of Arkeyans that were chosen to guard the Arkeyan Pharaoh's tomb. When a group of bandits attacked the Arkeyans from above in an attempt to steal the Pharoah's treasure, Pharodox was the last one standing to wipe out the guards. Pharodox followed the bandits into the tomb and battled all six of them, old-school style. When all of them were defeated, Pharodox took the treasure for himself! He even grabbed the Pharoah's mirror, known for catching the energy of the sun and converting it into laser energy. When Pharodox returned to the mainland, Eon came to him in the form of a an Arkeyan, inviting him to join the Skylanders.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first Arkeyan fanon Skylander in my series.
    • More specifically, he is actually an Arkeyan Juggernaut, just red, and wields mirrors.
  • Pharodox used to be a skylander, but was then scrapped, and now back.
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