Catchphrase:"Twice the pain for you!"


Parallel is a black and white-colored dragon.He has spikes on the side of his face.His left side is entirely colored black while his right side is colored white.His left side also has a devil wing while his right side has a angel wing.He also has a halo around his neck and a tail which looks like a Devil's trident.


Parallel hails from the species called the Two-Sided Dragons.These dragons were feared for their magical powers and demonic looks.(the devil's trident,the devil wing etc.)One day,Armoured Drows came into the village and attacked.However,they were easily defeated by Parallel using his magical powers and he also scared them off with his demonic looks.Eversince,they were no more feared.Parallel also became the hero of his species.Upon hearing this,Eon asked Parallel to join the Skylanders,which he gladly accepted.


Magic Breath:Press Attack 1 to cause damage to enemies nearby.Does decent damage. Air Slash:Press Attack 2 to throw aninvisblee blade of air to enemies nearby.Range is farther than Magic Breath.


Holy Light:Press Attack 3 to make an explosion of light around you.Does damage and blinds enemies as well. Exhaler:Magic Breath does even more damage and the range is now even farther. Double Slash:Air Slash now summons 2 invisblee blades of air which are stronger.

Path Upgrade 1(The Ultimate Breather)Focuses on upgrades for Magic Breath.

Breath More,Exhale even more:Hold the Attack 1 button to breath more air,then let go for a more powerful Magic Breath! Explosive Breath:After a certain distance,the Magic Breath will explode causing lots of damage to nearby enemies. One Mega Explosion Breath,4 Tiny Explosion Breath:During the explosion of Magic Breath,it will split into 4 tiny Magic Breaths,which will also explode after a certain distance!

Path Upgrade 2 (Holy Air Of Light)Focuses on upgrades for Air Slash and Holy Light

Light Boom:Holy Light does even more damage and the range is also farther. Holy Air Explode:After doing Holy Light,quickly press Attack 2 to shoot air blades on your left,ride,in front and backwards. Mega Air Blade:The invisible blade of air is now even bigger and more powerful!

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