LifeSymbolSkylanders Oracle Leaf LifeSymbolSkylanders


Species: Ent
Gender: Male
Element: Life
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Psychics
Attacks/Actions: TBA
English Voice Actor: Morgan Freeman
"Leaf it to me"
    —Oracle Leaf's Catchphrase

Oracle Leaf is one of the Life Psychics in Skylanders Psychics. He is a wise Ent.


Once apart of a wise brother hood, Oracle Leaf spent his early life working in a noodle factory for Asemetro City. He worked his way up to being the manager of the factory. One day the factory was under attack, Oracle Leaf used his plant abilities to drive them off. Unfortunately the plant was destroyed to a point that it could not be used. Oracle Leaf was called to Asemetro City's Great Temple of Meditation to explain what happened. After some meditation he told them what happened and they hired him as a Skylander. Oracle Leaf's most trusted worker would then run the factory when it was rebuilt. The Masters of the temple asked him to form an army of 600 Skylanders including himself. Determined, he bravely led his army into battle.



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