"Ice to see You!"                                                                      Noa Tak's official catchphrase.                                          

Noa Tak is a winter clothed nomad leader who is a DaGeDar Avatar in Skylanders: DaGeDar Avatars. He is of the Ice element and Water element.



A leader of the Lost Orbit Nomads, who wonder the wastelands in search of a home, Noa Tak works for peace and nonviolent solutions. But his best assets are his speed and cunning mind, able to outwit and outthink all potential opponents. The Goal of the Nomads is to simply find a home in which they can abide, a difficult task indeed.


After finding a home in Dimension 33, Noa Tak resigned as the leader of the Nomads, and left Dimension 33 to explore other planets. While on his spaceship, a meteor hit it, and crashlanded on Skylands. Slip Arm and Software found the ship and Noa Tak unconsious, and revived him by Soft Ware sliping inside his body, and electrified him back to health.  Slip Arm and Soft Ware brought Noa Tak to Eon, where he became a skylander, after he apologized for freezing Slip Arm to death.



Strengh: 90

Defence: 100

Agility: 480

Luck: 200


Noa Tak throws frost balls, has freeze breath, and can make it rain hain, the size of mini vans.

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