Never Anger Nature (Skylanders Flash short)

Never Anger Nature (Skylanders Flash short)


Never Anger Nature is a flash animated short by Black Rhino Ranger (BRR for Short, BRRGames on Youtube and BRRSpore on Wikia). This video show as message for why you should not cut down the trees.


Trigger Happy was just sunbathing until a shadow of a tree blocked him from the sun. Trigger Happy got angry and brought out the chainsaw. Tree Rex heard the chainsaw noise and stopped Trigger Happy from cutting it down. He then puts Trigger Happy on the tree where a Toucan landed right next to him. Although this was not shown on screen, something messy landed on Trigg.


  • BRR originally recorded lines for Tree Rex but due to a problem voicing the character, he left him mute.
  • Tree Rex was having a tea party with a flour sack similar to Pinkie Pie having Gummy's after-birthday party with Madame LeFlour from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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