Multi Porpoise

"The porpoise of life!" -Multi Porpoise's official catchphrase.

Multi Porpoise is a porpoise that is able to use every tool and weapon efficiently.


Multi Porpoise was once an ordinary Porpoise who loved to collect and create, but those days were soon gone. Kaos sent out trolls to mine gold in the ocean he lived in, thus trolls were destroying his home. With the skills of his tools, he ambushed the trolls and knocked them flying to who knows where. After that he re-built the underwater city and was know as "The Handyman". Eon discovered how useful his abilities were and decided to ask him to join the Skylanders!


Multi Swap: Press the primary button to switch your weapon. There are a hammer, plunger, sword, wrench, blow torch, and a pepper spray.

Multi bop: Press secondary button to use the weapon your currently holding. Hammer does strong damage but slow, plunger is quick and can capture enemies but slightly weak, sword is moderate on everything, wrench is mildly strong and slightly quick, blow torch keep holding button to keep spraying does rapid weak damage, and pepper spray is strong but slow rapid fire keep holding button to keep spraying.

Echolocation: Press 3rd attack to let of a powerful pulse of sound from all directions.

Basic upgradesEdit

Blabbergut: Hold 3rd attack button to charge of a blast of sound from all around.

Opposable thumbs: Now you can switch weapons faster.

Hardware department: Now you unlocked another weapon, a hatchet, which is strong, but slow yet faster than hammer.

Bag o stuff: Hold down primary button to throw a bag of tools that explodes when it hits an enemy.

Master of trade (Tools)Edit

Iron encrusted: All tools do more damage

Big bag of stuff: The bag o stuff is larger, does more damage, and larger radius.

Quick slash: As soon as you switch weapons, anything that touches you when your switching gets damaged.

Echo locator (Echolocation)Edit

Iron lung: Pulse lasts longer.

Body waves: Any enemies that get near you are promptly damaged.

Speed of sound: New sound waves allow you to move faster!

Soul gem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: Home at last!: You heal when you swim in water.

Wowpow: Fresh scent: Now you have another tool, air freshener, which attracts enemies in the direction you spray it and slightly damages them.

Creator powersEdit

Build: When you get near a destroyed area, press the build icon to begin a building minigame. Try to read the blueprints and finish the buildings under the time limit by carrying and designing certain areas.

Rain: When near an area that needs rain, press rain icon to begin the rain minigame. Try to get areas that need rain and avoid overwatering until the time limit is over.


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