Created By: TheShadowCraft

Catchphrase Edit

"As bright as the moon!"

Info Edit

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Element: Magic

Role: Skylander

World: Skylands

Appearance Edit

Moonlight is a dragoness, she has gems on her head, feet and tail. The gem on her head is shaped like a crescent moon.

Background Edit


Moonlight is a beautiful, kind and helpful dragoness. She always puts others before herself and sometimes at night she can be caught starring at the sky looking at the stars.


Moonlight was the most helpful dragon of her tribe. She would always help anybody with carrying items and she also shows interest in fighting. She can shoot laser beams from gem on her head and from her tail. One day, trolls came to their museum to steal all of the precious gems that were displayed. Before they could escape with the gems, Moonlight blocked their path and shot lasers at them sending them flying off to another island and returned the gems back to the museum. She was called the hero of her tribe.

Upon hearing this, Spyro went to her tribe and asked her to join the Skylanders as they need help defeating against The Dark Empire. She accepted Spyro's request as she wanted to help fight against all that is evil and save Skylands. That's how she joined the Skylanders!

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