MoonSoul is a Space Warrior of the of the Undead element in Skylanders Adventures.



Long ago a meteorite landed in the catacombs of skylands and undead thought it was a message of the Moon Goddess and moved the meteorite to the Temple of the Moon Goddess. One day one of the priests of the temple was so clumsy that made that a bottle which contained the essence of the soul, a gift from the goddess had made them long the undead fall and then the essence of moon was absorbed by the craters of the meteorite and this take life, called Meteor MoonSoul because it was a mixture of the Moon and of the soul.


  1. He can hit his enemies with transform his fists into giant gauntlets.
  2. He can throw his asteroid ring.
  3. The spirit of the Moon Goddess leave the body of MoonSoul.
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