Vital statistics
Position Nix, Hybrid Skylander
Age Unknown (young adult)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown (at least taller than Elf height)
Weight Unknown

"No trix for this Nix!"

- Medusa's official catchphrase

Medusa is a Nix Hybrid Skylander from Skylanders: Hybrids. She is a cross between the Water and Life Elements.




Medusa has gone through a lot of horror in her childhood, starting with the Undead Dragon King Malefor turning most of her fellow Nixes into his soul sucking sevants. She was sold to Kaos as a slave of the same reason and he would treat her horribly when she refused to kill, causing her to hate him greatly and scared of him. After escaping, the young Nix became a fugitive and was feared by a Mabu town for "terrorizing" them with her soul eating powers in Cloudbreak and was soon hunted by the native Swap Force Skylanders, leaving her alone, but making her wish to be a Skylander too. It wasn't until one of the Swap Force members heard her story that she relearned friendship and was accepted as a Skylander.



Very little is known about Nixes besides that they are creatures with the body of an Elf and the wings and tail of a dragon that eat the souls of other living creatures, but live in a civilization on a deserted tropical island. Medusa was no different from her people. That is, until Malefor's forces captured the whole civilization and brought them to the underworld, where he turned the majority of them into servants of evil with the few remaining into mere slaves. Being the youngest of the slaves that lived, Medusa was sold as a soul eating slave to Kaos, who planned to use her as a weapon to destroy the Skylanders. She straight out refused to do such a thing again and again, no matter how many times he would torture her. She managed to escape when Glumshanks "left" her cage open with a "soda" inside, but she knew immediately it was a mind control potion.

As a fugitive, she found herself at a Mabu town in the Cloudbreak Islands, where she would relently eat small portions of the residents' souls night to night. The Mabu feared her because of this and her actions soon attract the Swap Force Skylanders to her case. One of the members, which happened to be Stink Bomb, questioned if this "dangerous Nix" is really what they say, but the other Swap Force members only sought to destroy her. Watching how they wish to protect people made Medusa want to be a Skylander like them. Upon meeting Stink Bomb, she easily warmed up to the understanding ninja and was confronted by Master Eon, who made her an official Skylander much to everyone but Stink Bomb's disbelief. She was then sent to the Skylanders of Soulstorm Isles.

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