Kun phu1

No More Monkey Business!
Kun-Phu's official catchphrase.

Kun-Phu is one of AdamGregory03's Skylanders OCs. He is a character released alongside his fan game, Skylanders: Global Defenders. He is a Global Defender of the Magic element hailing from Asia.


Kun-Phu was famous for the fighting style, the Way of the Monkey. As a matter of fact, it was his own sensei that taught him the technique. After years of training, Kun-Phu was considered a martial arts legend among his people. Mistress Yuna sought him out and offered him a role as a Global Defender. He at first declined the offer, choosing to follow his own path. When poachers invaded his village, he managed to fight off many of them and escape, and when he returned to the village, he found everyone, including his sensei, were taken. Only then did he return to Mistress Yuna and offer his services to her.


  • Credits to Filipo Angelotti (MAD-Project) for the artwork.