Killer crab1

"Claw and Order!"
Killer Crab's official catchphrase.

Killer Crab is a Skylanders OC by AdamGregory03. He is a character released alongside the game, Skylanders: Global Defenders. He is a Skylander of the Water element.


Killer Crab lives alongside the shores of Skylands, where he lived with his crustaceous bretherin. One day, the evil portal master Kaos arrived to the beach, sending his minions out to collect lobsters for a feast. Killer Crab stopped Kaos' forces and, as he is always looking out for the little guys, told Kaos he would serve under him if he spared the other lobsters, to which Kaos accepted the deal. However, come supper time, Kaos' chef tried to shove Killer Crab in a pot of boiling water, as Kaos intended him as his new main course. Killer Crab managed to escape and dive into the waters nearby. He was later found washed up on the shores of Master Eon's citadel by Gill Grunt.


  • Credits to Filipo Angelotti (Mad-Project) for the artwork.
  • He resembles the character Larry the Lobster from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The Water element symbol is on his belt.
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