"One Sword that holds power of Universe."

- Master Eon

The Illumina is a toy figure Magic Item that comes with the Unnatural Disaster Survival Adventure. It debuts in Skylanders Infinity.

When placed on the Portal of Power, it spawns a black sword in a stone. The skylander must grab the sword for it to work. The Illumina pulls a HUGE Rainbow Explosion that depletes ALL health from enemies. It lasts about 45 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Although both the Illumina and the Epic Fail Katana both spawn as a Sword in a Stone, the difference is you have too pull the Epic Fail Katana. You only grab the Illumina.
  • The Unnatural Disaster Survival isn't a real chapter. Its just a chapter that is optional to create in Skylanders: Infinity.
  • When used in boss battles, this sword depletes half of their health. However, when used in the Kaos battle, it takes away 1/4 of his health.
  • The Illumina will deplete 1/2 of your skylanders health if you don't move out of the way of where the stone was placed.
  • The packaging for this spells Illumina as "Ilumina".
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