AirSymbolSkylanders High Pitch AirSymbolSkylanders
Species: Golem
Gender: Female
Element: Air
Role: Musical Core
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Construction Crew
Skylanders: Digital Defenders
Skylanders: Glitch Group
Skylanders: Gear Patrol
Attacks/Actions: Whistle, Boulder Crush
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Skylanders: Infinity
"The Sound of Music!"
    —High Pitch's official catchphrase

High Pitch is a stone golem, who is a new Musical Core skylander in Skylanders: Construction Crew. She is of the Sound element.

Appearance Edit

High Pitch appears a lavendar golem with red holes in all over her. She has purple, medium sized hair and a circular whistle that shares the same design with her.


Personality Edit

High Pitch is always that kind of friend who gives the best advice. Whenever Sky or any other Skylander is feeling blue, she cheers them up with soothing music from her whistle. She also has a slight crush on Sky.

Biography Edit

Sky found High Pitch whistling on the edge of the cliff in the Jet Winds. He found out that High Pitch had holes in her, so that when wind blows the the wholes, music is sounded. Sky had a headache at the time, but when he heard the music, it was gone. He even saw a Chum Chewer about to attack High Pitch, but she soothed the Chum Chewer, and turned him towards the good side. Sky made High Pitch a Skylander with her soothing music, and her powers to turn evil to good.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

High Pitch
Basic Stats
Attack 100
Defense 100
Speed 80
Luck 100
Other attributes
Element Sound
Type Musical Core
Appears in Skylanders: Construction Crew

Abilities Edit

High Pitch's whistle summons notes from it. She can also lift up a boulder and smash it upon enemies. Lastly, she summons a great wind that blows through her holes, and music comes out.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the fourth skylander to have "High" in her name. (The first being High Five, the second High Voltage, the third High Tech.)
    • She is the third skylander to be a core from Skylanders: Construction Crew, and have "High" in her name.
      • She is the only one of the four to be a female.
  • She is the first female skylander to be a golem.
    • Despite this, she did start out as a human, but was cursed by drinking a potion.
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