"Slash and Bash!" Heavy Metal's official catchphase.

Heavy Metal is a core skylanders and an Ancient Earth warrior who will be released alongside Skylanders: Legends. He is of the Earth element.


Heavy Metal is the oldest skylander in Skylands. He was born even before the Giants. During his time, the peaceful Mabu were enslaved by the Arkeyans, and did a lot of work and barely got food. Heavy Metal, being the only skylander, tried to destroy every single one of the Arkeyon. So he engaged in battle, one on one billion. Heavy Metal tried his best and deafeated the majority of the Arkeyans, but when there came a point where he was surrounded, he failed. Heavy Metal spent his days being enslaved among the Mabu, but then he purposely jumped off of a cliff into the ocean, where 2,000 years later, his frozen body was discovered by a group of skylanders. They thawed him out and took him to Portal Master Eon, where he named Heavy Metal a skylander, although Heavy Metal was already a skylander in the first place.


Blade Slash- Press the primary attack button to swing your blade.

Bladenado- Press and hold the secondary attack button to twirl around repeatedly while hitting enemies as you go.

Basic Attacks

Blade Cut- Blade Slash has increased damage.

Upper Cut- Press the super attack button to pound the ground and punch.

The Dust Rises- Bladenado lasts longer and picks up enemies.

Tides of Time- Hold the super attack button to pick up and throw a rock.

More Metal Path

Metal Overload- Have more armor.

Earth-splosion- Armow explodes, damaging enemies around him.

Crunch Time- Blade turns to hammer. Does MAXIMUM damage.

Hurricane Heavy Metal Path

Hurling Ride- Have up to ten enemies in Bladenado mode.

Hurricane Disaster- Bladenado does MAXIMUM damage.

The Bang- Summon bricks to fall from the sky while doing Bladenado.

Soul Gem- The New Arkeyan- Look like an Arkeyan so enemies won't attack you.


Heavy Metal is the oldest Skylander ever.

He is the first non-air skylander to have tornado abilities.

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