Created By: TheShadowCraft

Catchphrase Edit

"Let's make some music!"

Info Edit

Species: Wolf

Gender: Male

Element: Tech

Role: Skylander

World: Skylands

Appearance Edit

Hard Rock is a wolf. He wears a black thin jacket with a collar and white stripes. He carries a black and white guitar which doubles as an axe.

Background Edit


Hard Rock is a kind and strong wolf, although he could be a bit feisty at times. He would sometimes hang out in a bar at night.


Hard Rock used to be a musician. He held concerts every twice a month and at the end of the shows he would smash his guitar on the floor. Since his guitar is also an axe, he would always leave a deep dent on the stage. One day, while he was performing, drows attacked his hometown. Hard Rock sprang into action and defeated them with his axe guitar. Then his hometown called him the rock star of his town.

Upon hearing this, terrafin went to his hometown to ask him to join the Skylanders as they needed help defeating The Dark Empire. He accepted the request and disbanded his band. However, he made a deal that he could see his band every once a month. Terrafin accepted the deal and Hard Rock joined the Skylanders!

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