Halloween Harassment (Skylanders and Brony Flash)

Halloween Harassment (Skylanders and Brony Flash)


Halloween Harassment is an animated short by Black Rhino Ranger. This is the second Skylanders video to focus on Halloween. This video shows that Trigger Happy is a brony (male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).


Trigger Happy was busy trick-or-treating on Halloween. However, a little boy and mom complained about his costume (which was Pinkie Pie). Trigger Happy got annoyed and shoots them. He went to another person's house for trick or treating but he closes the door without giving him any candy. Trigger Happy then tries again with other houses but with no success. He comes home empty bagged. Spyro, Gill Grunt and Eruptor then went to the houses which rejected Trigg. As a result, they brought him a mountain of candy. Spyro says the "persuaded" them to change their minds.


  • Trigger Happy (Dressed up as Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony)
  • Mother (off-screen)
  • Son (off-screen)
  • Kaudown (From Spore)
  • Spyro (Dressed up as Iron Man from Marvel)
  • Gill Grunt (Dressed up as Sulley from Monsters Inc. and University)
  • Eruptor (Dressed up as Kaos' Mother)
  • Peri (From Spliced, picture)
  • Pop Fizz (Dressed up as Guile from Street Fighter)
  • Rainbow Dash (From My Little Pony, mentioned in text)


  • This video has a message to all haters of MLP: "Never ignore a trick-or-treater who likes MLP even though you hate it."
  • The Wilhelm scream can be heard when Trigger Happy shoots at the mother and son.
  • Kaudown was really an official tutorial Spore creation by Maxis.
  • Next to Kaudown's doorbell are words that say "No girly stuff" indicating why he didn't give Trigger Happy any candy.
  • When Trigger Happy flooded the room with his tears, a picture of Peri from a cartoon called "Spliced" was seen.
  • When Kaudown was "convinced" that he liked MLP. He holds a sign that says "I ♥ Da Rainbow one". He is referring to Rainbow Dash and it was also a reference to the big red dragon from MLP who said "But that rainbow one kicked me".
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