"Crystals of the Power!"

- Glowhog's official catchphrase.

Glowhog is a hedgehog-like skylander with his crystal as his quills. He was originally going to be available in the Skylanders: Monsters starter pack, along with Roots and the Series 3 Pop Fizz (Twin Potion Pop Fizz), but later the creator decided to make Glowhog in single or triple pack. He has a Lightcore Counterpart called Lightcore Glowhog and Legendary counterpart called Legendary Lightcore Glowhog and has a Enchanted counterpart called Enchanted Glowhog


  • He is stared out as a Hedgehog, till a evil master turned him to a crystal-quilled purple hedgehog. During his sleep, Zap sneaks into him and picks him up and He wakes up. Master Eon says his name is now Glowhog


  • Shoot My Crystal - Press (Attack 1) to shoot crystals
  • Crystal Dash - Press (Attack 2) to spin dash



  • Powerful Crystal! - Shoot My Crystal attack do increased damage
  • Separating Crystals - Press (Attack 3) to shoot out the quills
  • More Crystal Dash - The crystal dash attack is now long and does increased damage
  • Blue Gem Crystal - Shooting crystal attack do increased damage (crystals becomes Blue Gem)

(Crystal Power!)

  • Crystal Prison - Enemies turns into Crystals after being shooter at.
  • Separating MORE Crystals - The Separating Crystals attack does increased damage and shoots more crystals
  • Ruby Crystal - Shooting Crystal attack does maximum damage (Blue gem crystal becomes Ruby Crystal)

(Spin Master)

  • Homecoming! - While Spin dashing, Press (Attack 3) to shoot homecoming crystals
  • Faster Crystal Dash - Can now spin dash much longer and faster.
  • ULTIMATE Spin - Crystal Dash now does maximum damage

(Soul Gem)

  • Crystals From The Ground - While Jumping, Press (Attack 1) to summon crystals from the ground


  • He is the first non-earth skylander who has Crystals
  • He is originally going to be a starter pack skylander, but then scrapped and he came in single or triple pack.
  • As a LightCore Skylander, his Spines glow up.
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