Glow Razor is a glowing robot with green eyes and lights who will be released alongside Skylanders Legends. He is a lightcore skylander and is off the Undead element.


Built by a mad scientist who built nothing but robots, Glow Razor was the robot of the future. No literally, he is of the future. Equiped with lazerbeam eyes and glowing whip with a glowing hoop attached, Glow Razor was built to destroy 1,000 arkeyans in one day. However, because the scientist thought this was the worst thing he built, he progammed Glow Razor to be evil. The only way he could be good again was when he was defeated in battle, and, thanks to Time Traveler, who traveled into the future and defeated Glow Razor. Time Traveler stayed in the future for a while and became good friends with Glow Razor, until the scientist died. Time Traveler then took Glow Razor and traveled into the present time, and took him to see Portal Master Eon, where Glow Razor became a skylander, after he promised never to destroy Sprocket's tanks again.


Whip-a-round- Swing your whip around, damaging enemies.

Evil Eyes- Zap Lazerbeam eyes.

Small Tornado- Whip-a-round does increased damage.

Red equals Bad- Lazerbeam eyes turn red and do increased damage.

The New Sun- Glow Razor glows so bright it blinds enemies.

Gladiator- Turns into an armed robot for 45 seconds.

Eye of the Storm Path

Fire Box Fury- Lazerbeam eyes are on fire and do even more increased damage.

The Eye of Science- After using Evil Eyes, leave a nuclear puddle behind.

The Eye of Kaos- Hold Evil Eyes for MAXIMUM damage.

The Tech Geargolum. Path

The New Robot- When turning into a Gladiator, look like a Tech Geargolum and have the same powers.

CAUTION- When Gladiator mode is over, explode destroying every thing in sight.

Altered State- Look bigger, tougher, and more powerful during Gladiator mode to send Geargolums running!

Soul Gem- Nuclear Master- Leave nuclear puddles in your footsteps.


  • Although Glow Razor is Undead, when going into Gladiator mode, he looks exactly like a tech Geargolum.
  • Glow Razor has the Undead symbol on the back of his head, but he mistakenly has the Tech symbol and the Undead symbol on his belly when in Gladiator Mode.
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