LightSymbolSkylanders Glo-Beam LightSymbolSkylanders
Species: Firefly
Gender: Female
Element: Light
Role: Skylander
World: Flaming Meadows
Appears in: Skylanders: Aqua Squad
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"Let it Shine!"
    —Glo-Beam's official catchphrase

Glo-Beam is a new core Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is of the Air element. He is a firefly with many abilities that have to do with light. He was created before the Light element. 


Glo-Beam has four large transparent wings on his back. He also has a searchlight, like those found on lighthouses. He has two arms and to legs, with some purple scales. Two antennae are on his head for the purpose of awareness.

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POWER - 190/300

ARMOR - 200/300

AGILITY - 210/300

LUCK - 220/300


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